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Coosmans LA shipping in tune with produce industry

For more than 35 years, Coosmans LA Shipping has been sourcing and consolidating unique fruits and vegetables for Los Angeles regional foodservice distributors, retail chains and chefs.

Cole Firman, a salesperson at the company, said Coosmans LA services every major wholesale terminal market globally, so it is always in tune with what’s new and happening in the industry. 

“Our warehouse is like a candy store. Stocked with goodies from every continent, besides Antarctica — maybe in the future,” he said. “Whether you are looking to tap into something seasonal or cultural, we have something special for you.”

Coosemans-LA The company is helping to bring flavor to kitchens around the country with its Epicurean Gardens line.

“Millennials are embracing global flavors, and we want to awaken the inner chef that resides in us all,” Firman said.

Without getting into politics, he noted that whether one agrees or disagrees with Trump the economy has been doing well and the company has experienced growth in specialty and fine dining as a result.

“Our customers are always our main focus, so when they do well we do well,” Firman said. “We want to give them every advantage possible to have a leg up on the competition.”

Business has been strong in 2019 and the strategy is to continue growth initiatives in the year ahead.

“The secret to our success is to stay hungry and be consistent because produce never sleeps,” he said. “Produce is like riding a bull. Hang on tight or else it will throw you off if you aren’t paying attention. It truly is amazing how fast this industry moves. Luckily, we have so many forums and outlets for communication to stay on top of it all.”

An inter-office term that gets thrown around a lot is “lifers,” which is used to describe what employees feel, as Coosmans LA is a “forever” type of company, one with a family atmosphere and a place people want to stay. For example, Firman noted Monica Lira has been a wonderful sales addition to the team recently.

“Always a smile and has really gone above and beyond to help her team,” he said. “We believe in cultivating new talent as well as keeping it. This gives us highly experienced personnel that works together at every level.”

According to Firman, the company’s proximity to the Los Angeles International Airport and the port of Los Angeles complements its expertise in logistics and distribution, providing shipments of the freshest produce for its customers.

“There’s no doubt that Los Angeles is a trendsetter for the food industry,” he said. “Everyone knows California has the best weather. It’s the only place you can surf in the morning, hike in the afternoon and snowboard at night. It is expensive to open a business here, but California brings in talented people that wish to live here.”