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Starr Ranch forecasts higher volume, shorter season

With cherry pollination wrapping up and the 2019 season growing season underway, Starr Ranch Growers of Wenatchee, WA, is reporting higher volumes and a somewhat compressed harvest window. “Cherries are humming along with the bees just finishing their pollination,” stated Brent Shammo of Starr Ranch Growers. “In the field we’re seeing a decently compressed season, however the crop is looking better than last year with more volume and good sizing.  We are going to be starting a few weeks later than last year but ending close to the same time.”

Cherry-blossom-5 Shammo said they expected their 2019 volume to be up approximately 15 percent over last season in both red cherries and Rainiers, with organic volumes increasing at a similar pace to the last several years. “We will be about 2.4 million boxes of red cherries and Rainiers,” said Shammo. “Our rainier crop is 10 percent of our total volume and organics are continuing to grow every year with orchards transitioning.”

In the past year, Starr Ranch launched a major brand update including a fresh, bold new look to their packaging that is turning heads in the produce section. “Our new brand really speaks to the end users of our product and helps differentiate ourselves on store shelves,” said Shammo. And to that end, the cherry shipper as big plans with a number of key retailer across the United States and around the world this season. “With this year being a better year, volume-wise, we are partnering with multiple large retailers to get our fruit into the hands of customers and help drive excitement in the produce section with Starr Ranch cherries.”