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Giltner projecting healthy growth in 2019

Giltner Inc., a transportation provider based in Jerome, ID, is looking at 2019 as a year of growth.

“We have plans to expand our fleet of company-owned trucks to 300, and increase GLS Carriers, the owner-operator arm, to 60 tractor-trailers,” said Dan Hawkins, vice president of corporate development.”

Greg-PaulsonGreg Paulson, chief executive officer of Giltner Inc.With a projected increase of 20 percent in 2019, Hawkins said a good portion of the growth will come from the international side.

“We just started international shipments after more than a year of work, and we intend to increase that part of our business in 2019,” he said.

Though Giltner transports a wide variety of goods, produce represents an area of great potential and one that the company is looking to expand. “We’ll maintain our business on the I-5 corridor and look to expand in the Midwest and Southeast,” said Hawkins. “We have a good base to work with, and we’ll cultivate that and expand where we see there is opportunity to do so.”

Asked how the company is able to maintain its client base and attract new business, Hawkins said, “While this may sound cliché, our customers love us because we are transparent and we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. They appreciate that and feel like they are part of a team when they work with us. By default, that leads to high retention rates.”

Hawkins added that Giltner does not gouge its clients when the transportation market gets tight. “Our clients really appreciate that,” he said. “The leadership at Giltner is very involved in the day-to-day business, and our philosophy is to give customers a fair rate throughout the year. It might be tempting to go after the higher prices when trucks are short, but we view each of our accounts as a partnership, and we want to treat our partners fairly and with respect.”

Regarding the recent changes with the ELD regulations, Hawkins said it is not of much concern to Giltner, since the company has been ELD-compliant for the past decade. “When it came into effect, we were already there,” he said. “Actually, it’s nice to have an even playing field now, where everyone has to abide by the rules.”