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Target Interstate Systems’ reputation, staff behind the company’s ongoing growth

Target Interstate Systems Inc., headquartered at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in Bronx, NY, has seen strong and steady growth over the last few years. Evan Kazan, director of business development, said the growth is attributed to two main factors.

“The first is due to our stellar reputation in the produce industry,” said Kazan. “We maintain memberships in the highest level of industry organizations. In addition, we have been the recipient of prestigious industry awards.”

P1050460 Evan Kazan and Paul Kazan.The second reason for its growth, he noted, is because of the company’s fantastic employees.

“We have been able to grow our volume and margins, while maintaining the same number of employees,” he said. “But we are now looking to take that next step forward and capitalize on our reputation and the experience of our hard working staff.”

Kazan works alongside his father, Paul Kazan, company president.

Target Interstate has expanded its office space in the Hunts Point Market, and is now looking for new employees to fill the recently acquired space.

“We also have an agent program for those looking to work for Target remotely,” he added.

The company is redesigning its website to include a more robust customer portal that will be launching in the second quarter of this year. “Through the portal, customers will be able to view all the documents for their loads including invoices and PODs, as well as load tracking and load tendering,” said Kazan. “We will still have our staff receiving the tenders and managing the loads, but we want to give our customers the ability to interact with us in whatever way they find most convenient when tendering loads.”

Whether by phone call, text, email or through the portal, Target’s goal is to accept customer orders in any way they prefer.

“Unlike the newer automated platforms, we still want to have the human touch when matching the freight with the asset carrier,” said Kazan. “Not all trucks and drivers are the same, and we always want to ensure that the right trucks are matched with the freight for our customers.”