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Courchesne Larose heads to CPMA with growth on its mind

For more than 100 years, Courchesne Larose Ltd. has been a major player on the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable market — success that has come from a strong commitment to its customers.

Courchesne Larose will be exhibiting in Booth No. 1323 at this year’s Canadian Produce Marketing Association show.

CLR 8605Meet the team of Courchesne Larose at Booth No. 1323 at this year’s CPMA show.“We are not a grower and neither a packer, so Courchesne Larose will be proud to have in our booth what is most precious to us, the people that make a difference in our everyday work — our buyers and our salesmen... lots of them,” said Guy Milette, vice president of business development and international for the Anjou, ON-based company.

“The expo is my favorite moment,” he added. “There’s so much happening in just a few hours.”

In his view, every CPMA in Montreal is better than the previous one.

“Every guest, delegate, participant, companion and spouses love coming back to Montreal, especially since the CPMA moved from winter to spring,” Milette said.

“CPMA is the most important produce association in the country,” he continued. “The annual convention & expo is the best ramp in Canada for any produce or produce-related company. Just to tell you how important it is for us, for the last 60 years-plus, Courchesne Larose has always had a presence on the board of the CPMA.”

And while hot topics such as certification and traceability are not necessarily the favorite subject of most at the show, Milette expects those will be topics of interest on the show floor this year and for many more years to come.

Outside of the show, Courchesne Larose is excited about the ongoing growth of the company.

“Multi-disciplinary services including retail, wholesale, foodservice, processing, packaging and of course, a large fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers to deliver all this, continue to expand,” Milette said. “Our covered territories continue to expend. There is no dull day in our work.”