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Shuman Farms: New name, same great service

For more than 30 years, the Shuman family name has been synonymous with sweet onions and the Vidalia onion industry and Shuman Produce, based in Cobbtown, GA, has remained a leader in the sweet onion industry. In 2019, the company has rebranded as Shuman Farms.

“This change reflects our company’s core business and a return to our roots as a generational family farm,” said John Shuman, president and chief executive officer of Shuman Farms. “In addition to our own production, our RealSweet brand is supported by a family of farms in Vidalia and Peru supporting our 12-month sweet onion program. We are thrilled to bring our brands together to support our foundation of producing quality sweet onions and giving back to the communities where our products are sold.” 

SHU-002-shuman-farms-logo-tagline-CMYK Shuman Farms provides its retailer partners with high-graphic full-size bins during Vidalia season as well as secondary display bins that can be used to merchandise Vidalia onions throughout the produce department with like-items such as peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms. The secondary display bins are also a great tool to merchandise sweet onions in the meat department during grilling season. 

“The sweet onion’s mild, sweet flavor and its unique, flat shape and yellow skin help set it apart from the western cooking onion. It is the preferred onion by consumers not only during Vidalia season but year-round,” Shuman said. Under the RealSweet brand, we ship premium quality sweet onions in bulk and in various bag sizes. During Vidalia season, 5-pound bags are popular and 3-pound bags are a great item for our customers during the Peruvian season.”

The company also offers its retailers organic Vidalia onions in bags throughout the season.

“Starting in May, we will have several promotions, both in-store and online, to match the excitement and consumer demand for Vidalia onions,” Shuman said. “In addition to this in-store programs and events, we will be offering RealSweet Vidalia onions in special bags supporting Feeding America. In the U.S., one in six children face hunger every day. We know that summer break, without school breakfasts and lunches, is a particularly vulnerable time for those in need.”

Through the support of the Feeding America bags, Shuman Produce will provide 50,000 meals to families and will continue to work with Produce for Kids to spread awareness about childhood hunger.

While he noted it’s too early to make any predictions on the upcoming season, Shuman is optimistic about the Vidalia crop.

“The industry had record rain fall in December and January. Despite all this, we are seeing normal growth and good stands in the field and things are progressing nicely so far,” he said.

As part of the 2019 rebranding, there are several internal Shuman Farms staff promotions as well as the appointments of Frank Fox, chief financial officer, Adam Brady, director of marketing, and Jennifer Gooch as sales manager. Internal promotions include Brandon Parker named director of sales, Trish James named chief marketing officer, Johnny White named senior sales manager and Erin Waters named sales manager. In addition, Amanda Keefer has been named managing director of Shuman Farms owned Produce for Kids. 

“The recent promotions and appointments are integral in the success of our growth and rebranding,” Shuman said. “These strategic placements will position us for success in 2019 and beyond.”