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D’Arrigo Bros. NY pushing organics strongly

D’Arrigo Bros. NY, headquartered at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, consistently promotes its full line of produce items, but Gabriela D’Arrigo, marketing director and organic buyer for the family-owned business, said it is currently looking to push organics.

The company has finished the renovations it was making on its new facility.

P1060525Gabriela D’Arrigo“The new facility is right outside the entrance of the Hunts Point Terminal Market,” said “D’Arrigo. “We are very proud of the outcome. Currently we are in the midst of renovations on our warehouse and sales booths inside the terminal. We are looking to have this segment completed by early summer.”

D’Arrigo Bros. NY sources from around the world, and from all domestic growing regions. D’Arrigo explained that the western portion of the country has been hit hard with weather challenges.

“This has caused major fluctuations in the market,” said D’Arrigo. “We are hoping the markets stay strong.”

This year D’Arrigo Bros. NY received its CCOF organic certification.

California Certified Organic Farmers is a U.S. Department of Agriculture-accredited organic certifying agency and trade association, located in Santa Cruz, CA. Formed in 1973, CCOF was the first organic certification entity in the U.S. 

“We are now working toward our SQF certification,” said D’Arrigo.