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Inline Plastics prides itself on innovation

The produce industry is an integral part of Inline Plastics Corp.’s business model and its entire Safe-T-Fresh family is designed with produce in mind. Whether that be its new PagodaWare with its unique shape, the SnackWare with multiple compartments to mix and match with dips, Hangables for flexible merchandising, or its standard SquareWare and RoundWare containers that are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes for all manner of fresh and cut produce.

SnackWare-Brochure-Cover-Image-w-logo-inset“As consumers continue to demand healthier food options, retailers are using our products to meet their unique produce packaging needs,” said Cindy Blish, associate brand and communications manager for the Shelton, CT-based company. “Features that were new a decade ago are now standardized and expected by consumers. These include crystal-clear containers where the food products are easily visible, leak-resistant and are easy to re-seal.”

The company’s patented Safe-T-Fresh tear-strip technology further provides tamper evidence-resistance to ensure produce is fresh, safe and secure.

“Inline uses PET to manufacture all of our containers,” Blish said. “PET provides for a rigid and secure package. This allows retailers to easily stack multiple levels of our containers to maximize shelf and display space. When it comes to extending the shelf-life, each of our produce products also has its own unique atmospheric properties that enable the proper speed of maturation.”

It’s no secret that sustainability and a commitment to environmental responsibility continue to be increasingly important factors in the product lines of the future. Inline Plastics ensures that all of its containers are 100 percent curbside recyclable by using the highest quality PET and nearly 15 percent of raw materials coming from rDPET, which is post-industrial recycled DPET.

“The use of rDPET has a 28 percent lower carbon footprint,” Blish said. “Inline Plastics continues to utilize new and emerging technologies that require less energy and less material in the production of our containers, but increase the clarity and quality of our products at the same time.”

Inline Plastics’ continued growth and success as a business can be directly tied to its innovation and commitment to excellence.

“We work hard to design and develop packaging containers and automation solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs, while providing consumers with the features they want,” Blish said. “We launched multiple new product lines, like our PagodaWare, SnackWare and Hangables in 2018, and you can expect to see additional sizes and offerings available in these product categories in the coming year.”

More of that innovation is expected in 2019, as Inline Plastics is not one to rest on laurels. Blish noted the company’s history of innovation continues to drive it to find new and better packaging solutions for the retail marketplace.

“We are always listening to our customers and developing new product lines,” she said. “You will soon see our upcoming announcements for these expansions as we bring them to market.”

At the retail level, the company’s containers are intended to increase sales thanks to eye-catching designs and consumer-friendly features such as its crystal-clear containers that allow consumers to see the freshness of the product.

“Additionally, our Safe-T-Fresh tear-strips ensure the contents are safe and untampered with, and our SnackWare and Hangables lines attract the increasing grab-and-go market looking for easy, healthy alternatives,” Blish said.