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Higueral winter deal offers hot Mexican peppers

This winter, Higueral Produce Inc. will be shipping hot peppers from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, according to Edgar Duarte, the firm’s general manager.

These peppers include serrano, poblano, jalapeno and Caribe. He said tomatillos are also considered part of that “pepper” mix.

The Los Mochis hot pepper deal began for Higueral in December and will run through late April. In December, Higueral finished its fall pepper deal, which involves production in Hermosillo, Sonora. When Sonora warms again, Higueral’s Hermosillo hot peppers will be on the market from April into July.

Higueral-tomatillos-1 In late December, Higueral started its annual Roma tomato deal, “which should go to mid-May.” But with the right conditions, Romas from Hermosillo could be available into June. “We’ll have chilis until July and then mangos” from Los Mochis.

Higueral is heavy in the mango deal, which will begin in Chiapas in mid- to late April. That start “is hit and miss depending on the weather and the market. If we’re not shipping our own product, we’ll be consigning. It depends on the market.”

Higueral’s mango production is rooted in Los Mochis, but the firm has shipped mangos from Chiapas and Nayarit for six or seven years.

The Los Mochis mango deal will begin with a “full blown” volume of Ataulfos in July.

In December, Duarte indicated that west Mexico had endured sporadic fall weather. It was cold but didn’t freeze. And there were wet days, as well. Vegetable prices in Nogales were generally high because of low supplies. “We are making some money, but the customers are not getting enough product.

“Overall, the season looks to have good pricing and sales. The volume will be low.” Thus, volume for truckers is low. “The truck companies call day and night,” with Nogales shipping half the volume of some years.

Duarte noted that Nogales’ box and supply companies are also “struggling” because of slow movement.

Higueral is based in a new warehouse and office facility in Rio Rico, AZ.