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GreenPoint growing with 20th anniversary at hand

rio rico, az — As it prepares for the firm’s 20th anniversary in 2019, the future looks bright for GreenPoint Distributing LLC.

“This year we have programmed a lot of increases in the majority of the items that we sell,” said Omar Losolla, who is GreenPoint’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Our growth has been exponential over the last four years. A lot of that is new, top growers. And a lot is new, top retail customers, as well.”

Losolla firmly added: “Our main focus is to grow the company in the right way.”

Omar-Losolla-CaborcaOmar Losolla visiting a cucumber shade house of a Caborca, Sonora, grower that is allied with GreenPoint.Speaking generally of the produce industry, Losolla said “everybody is looking to penetrate different segments of the market with completely different commodities than they have handled before. When you have good relationships and a good following, it helps accomplish things that you didn’t think you might have accomplished.”

In today’s produce industry, “You have the opportunity to branch out and enter commodities that were exclusive to only certain competitors. The opportunities are there. I think the risk is worth the reward. It is a challenge and a risk that GreenPoint is willing to take. We’re not going to leave opportunities on the table because we didn’t recognize the opportunities.”

New items in the GreenPoint fold this year are La Rouge elongated red peppers and Delicata squash.

He added, “we’ll have a good increase in our citrus offerings, with Murcott mandarins, through a very important program in Puebla this year.” This new deal will be two months earlier than the citrus GreenPoint has been shipping from Obregon, Sonora. Puebla citrus was to begin about Nov. 10. Obregon begins in the first week of January.

“This is really good,” Losolla continued. “It is a big focus for us in the citrus market. We’re coming in faster, with good volume.”

In the western vegetable business “we have made progress this year with all our items, such as lettuce and cauliflower.” These, shipped under the Mr. Duke label, are to begin Dec. 15, or soon thereafter.

GreenPoint is increasing its eggplant and hard squash volume from Sinaloa.

“We have increased our soft squash acreage in Sonora.”

English cucumber volume is up from both west Mexico states.

“We’ve increased our production in both honeydew and watermelons. This year we’ll have watermelon and honeydew all through the winter months. That is new and good for us.”

Rainy weather in Mexican has impacted melons more than other crops, in Losolla’s view. He said the melon shipping will be delayed until mid- or late-November. The melon business faces “delays or problems with the crop that will be evident then.”

While GreenPoint works for “good quality and availability for our customers; we don’t want problems or issues. But sometimes Mother Nature plays a big part in what happens.”