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ERC offers unusual Mexican produce distribution

ERC Produce is a Mexican produce grower-packer-exporter, based in San Luis Rio Colorado, which is just south of Yuma, AZ.

The firm’s Vice President Alberto Harfusch said ERC has a distribution policy of shipping from Yuma in the wintertime and Salinas, CA, in the summer. The U.S. shipping areas send the Mexican products offered by ERC, and transportation is available from these major shipping hubs. “It’s closer to where our customers are already picking up,” said Harfusch.foundersERC family owners Jose Enrique Carrasco Jr., Israel Carrasco and Jose Enrique Carrasco Sr.

Customers receiving Mexican product from these two distribution products have none of the paperwork that otherwise can go with purchasing imported product, Harfusch added.

ERC also has a new sales office in San Diego. The firm ships throughout the United States, Canada, and to Europe. “Asparagus is our number one export to Europe,” he said. ERC is working on an airfreight business to develop the Japanese market for appropriate products.

Harfusch said the ERC offers a wide range of conventional and organic Mexican products.

Conventionally produced items include asparagus, beets, broccoli, celery, cilantro, dates, green onions and kale. Among other items are leeks, parsley, radishes, Mexican onions, and mini-, seeded- and seedless-watermelons.

The dates come from Mexican farms which are immediately across the border from the vast date groves of Yuma. Harfusch said ERC has its own date packing facility and stores dates for 52-week shipping. “Dates are a beautiful commodity and are easy to manage,” he said.

On the organic side of the business, “we are based all on the ‘ABCs’: asparagus, broccoli and celery. We also have a limited amount of organic watermelon. We are very proud and excited about our diversification,” he added.  

While ERC’s primary farms are in San Luis Rio Colorado, there is also summertime production in Ojos Negros, Baja. ERC also grows product in Caborca, Sonora. This is like San Luis production, but not as dry.

“We also have a little production close to Hermosillo and Puerto Vallarta, which takes us further south to complement our objective as a 52-week supplier to our customers,” said Harfusch.

ERC was founded in the mid-1980s by Jose Enrique Carrasco Sr. “We remain grounded because we are a family-owned company,” said Harfusch. “We are very pragmatic and progressive. We are here to do business the right way.”