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TMK gears up for NY Produce Show

As in past years, T. M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia Inc., located at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, will head to the New York Produce Show joining together with other merchants from the market in one shared booth.

The PWPM will occupy Booth No. 254, and attendees who visit will get a chance to meet with all of these different companies.

“Guests that come by the booth will learn about our state-of-the-art facility, services and products,” said Michael Watson, sales manager for TMK. “It’s a great way to gain exposure for our entire market.”

IMG 1151 Operating out of its 2,000 pallet facility, TMK has long represented some of the best growers at the PWPM, offering bountiful displays of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company strives to be a reliable buyer to its growers and a dependable supplier to its customers.

The PWPM has approximately 25 companies, which do about $1 billion in produce business each year, and many of those companies will be part of the booth.

According to Watson, TMK gets a great deal out of the event.

“New York is a great place to meet with our customers, especially at the holidays. It allows us a venue to spend time with existing customers and meet with potential customers,” he said. “We also look forward to learning about new products available in our market.”

The company plans to talk about all aspects of its business, but Watson hints that it’s a great time to talk about Halos, and that will be a big part of discussions at the booth. But, he noted, there’s plenty going on during what is often a busy season.

“TMK is excited about our expanding fleet and our greater ability to deliver to our customers and we’ll be letting people know about that,” Watson said. “We continue to add trailers and straight trucks to grow our delivery service.”

Thanks to this, and its strong relationships with growers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, TMK is able to deliver super-fresh tomatoes, corn, watermelon, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, peppers, apples and more products direct to its customers’ doors.

That has helped create a strong 2018 despite some challenges.

“Our numbers are ahead of last year, and that’s great considering that it rained every weekend of the summer,” Watson said. “It has been a tricky year out of California. Stone fruit had a tough start with an early frost and never really recovered completely. We are still living the grapes season, with lots of red grapes to get through.”

Still, Watson has an overall positive outlook on the year as the market is seeing bigger numbers than ever and things at TMK look brighter than ever.