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Setton Farms prepares for busy holiday season

With the holiday season just around the corner, Setton Farms’ California pistachios are in demand and the company is gearing up for a busy few months.

Joseph Setton, vice president of domestic sales for Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., located in Terra Bella, CA, said the company continues to push pistachios as an ingredient during the holidays.

IMG 4120-Edit “They are such a versatile nut and add a premium feel to any dish from desserts to appetizers to side dishes,” he said. “We work with a variety of chefs, nutritionists and other creatives who have made an amazing selection of recipes available on our website.”

He added that besides an ingredient, pistachios also make a great gift.

“People love to receive unique and tasty items as gifts,” Setton said. “The Setton Farms brand offers a more premium product than other pistachios on the market. Our 14- and 17-ounce Pistachio Burlap Bags are the perfect size for gift giving and offer extra-large pistachios with the high quality and superior taste you expect from the Setton Farms brand.”

While Setton Farms offers a variety of items that are perfect for the holiday season, it is only a portion of its business.

“Our Pistachio Burlap Bag is a great gift item and Dark Chocolate Pistachios make a fantastic holiday snack,” Setton said. “However, thanks to the fact that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their health benefits, pistachios are now in demand all year round.”

Setton noted the Setton Farms brand has expanded the pistachio-value add category single-handedly with its Pistachio Chewy Bites, Dark Chocolate Pistachios, and Premium Pistachio Blends.

“These unique SKUs reach an increasing portion of shopping cart sales,” Setton said. “It allows them to have all the health benefits of pistachios in new and distinct ways.”

As consumers continue to look for exciting and appetizing sources of plant-based protein, the Setton Farms brand is happy to provide SKUs that appeal to a wide variety of palates.

“Five Flavored Pistachios offer deep flavors consumers crave,” Setton said.

The company said its Dark Chocolate Pistachios will satisfy any sweet tooth.

“These and other items expand the category and increase overall store sales as they can be merchandised in a variety of locations,” Setton said.

Pistachios are an alternate-bearing crop, meaning if there is a larger crop one year the next will most likely be smaller in size. This can obviously cause supply and pricing issues. However, Setton said the company tries to maintain pricing as evenly as it can throughout the years to help customers and to keep end-consumer sales.

“This year we should see the pistachio industry crop between 850 and 900 million pounds, which would maintain current pricing,” he said, citing weather that was ideal for the crops.

Setton Farms continues to add grower partners, which gives it a better supply.

“There continues to be new acreage planted each year as well to meet the demand for pistachios, so even on an off year, we could see very large crop numbers,” Setton said.