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Phillips Mushroom Farms featuring conventional, organic mushrooms at Fresh Summit

A major mushroom producer in the United States, Phillips Mushroom Farms, headquartered in Kennett Square, PA, is geared up and ready for this year’s PMA Fresh Summit on Oct. 19-20 in Orlando, FL.

National Sales Manager, Kevin Donovan, told The Produce News that the company will exhibit at booth No. 1563 at the event.

Phillips-four-oounce-Organic-Gourmet-Blend “In addition to our full lines of both conventional and organic mushrooms, Phillips Mushroom Farms will be demoing a blended protein and mushroom chili for visitors to try,” said Donovan.

“The Mushroom Council’s Blend program continues to gain momentum, and we are engaging in this fast moving trend. It promotes mixing protein with mushrooms in numerous ways that results in fat reduction, increased nutrition and better flavor in food items. We have embraced the program 100 percent.”

The company is gearing up for what is expected to be strong fall and holiday demand seasons for mushrooms. Phillips Mushroom Farms produces all mushroom varieties, and it has an ever-widening line of organic mushrooms that continue to be in strong and growing demand.

Its Organic Gourmet Blend item, which was introduced last year, continues to garner strong attention from its customers.

“The response to the item was fast and strong, and it continues to increase in demand,” said Donovan. “The Organic Gourmet Blend comes in a four-ounce pack. It combines sliced Baby Bellas, sliced Shitakes and Yellow Oyster mushrooms, giving consumers a mix of their favorite varieties, and in an organic option.”

He also pointed out another aspect that makes the Organic Gourmet Blend even more exciting. Last year Phillips Mushroom Farms obtained its food-safety certification on Yellow Oyster Mushrooms, turning the Organic Gourmet Blend into a win-win for customers who want both organic and food-safety certification in one ready-to-prepare organic item.

In order to keep up with the growth demand for mushrooms, Phillips Mushroom Farms is again expanding its Warwick, MD, facility. The company’s executive team will be sharing the latest updates with visitors at the PMA Fresh Summit.

Opened a few years ago, the new cutting-edge mushroom farm has been expanded a couple of times. The company is anticipating the current expansion will be completed by January.

“We’re finishing off the fourth building with this expansion, which will add 80,000-square-feet to the facility,” explained Donovan. “When it’s completed it will be able to produce about a million pounds of mushrooms every week. It will be the largest single growing facility in the U.S.”

The building was originally designed to produce both conventional and organic mushrooms. The current addition will produce organics in keeping with the company’s strong growth in the category.

“We’re now in the planning process for increased production for holiday season, as we are every year at this time,” noted Donovan. “The mushroom market is currently tight, but it’s typically a slow time of year for mushrooms. Production is off due to labor shortages, and this is causing problems — some severe — for mushroom farmers.”

Despite the issues, mushroom demand is strong and growing. Donovan said he expects to see prices increasing toward normal levels as fall and winter encroach.

Phillips Mushroom’s long and successful history in cultivating mushrooms began in 1927. Since then, it has remained a leader in the mushroom category, always staying abreast of trends and ahead of demands.