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Setton Pistachio looking forward to outstanding season

Setton Pistachio is the second-largest pistachio grower and processor in the United States, offering bulk and retail pistachios to customers around the world.

“With our position within the industry, we are able to innovate unique value-add items such as Flavored Pistachios, Dark Chocolate Pistachios and Pistachio Chewy Bites,” said Elise Silvester, sales and marketing manager for Setton International Foods Inc., based in Commack, NY.

Processing-Plant-EntryThe 2018 pistachio crop should be one of the largest in quite a while said Elise Silvester, sales and marketing manager for Setton International Foods Inc.Setton Farms pistachios are described perfectly by this year’s major trend — plant-based protein.

“As one of the most nutritious nuts available it is a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins for all aspects of life,” Silvester said.

Pistachios are an alternate bearing crop, where every other year is usually higher or lower. The 2017 crop was an “off” year totaling 605 million pounds, while the 2018 crop is an “on” year and should see a much higher yield.

“The 2018 pistachio crop should be one of the largest we’ve ever seen,” said Silvester. “This is because of the increasing number of planted acres. We expect a good crop quality this year with strong domestic and global demand.”

The company is continually adding automation technology to improve its quality profile. From high-color sorting equipment to satellite imagery analytics, Setton Farms focuses on innovation as a key strategy to improve farming, growing and processing.

Setton Pistachio offers a wide array of packaging options including zip-lock, stand-up, single serve and bulk.

“Domestic packaging trends point toward growth for zip-lock packages and recyclable films,” Silvester said. “Many of our bags are available in floor displays to further retail sales.”

Growing pistachios has the same challenges as any agriculture product— water, immigration and trade. These are all issues that the company is dealing with and working to find the best solutions.

“Setton Pistachio has been working toward advancing our sustainability goals and we are excited to report that as of 2018, Setton is recycling 100 percent of our processing water, 100 percent of our agriculture biomass waste and we employ solar to power 100 percent of our processing facility,” Silvester said.

Looking ahead, the company continues to invest in expansion to stay abreast of the growing industry and has plans to handle up to 200 million pounds by 2020.

It’s also doing its part to help retailers get the most out of pistachios and raise rings at the register.

“We find offering healthy recipes keeps pistachios in the consumers mind as not only a snack food but as a cooking/baking ingredient,” Silvester said. “Cross merchandising with fruits or veggies in the produce department will also elevate sales. Retailers can really push sales by merchandising pistachios in displays during sports events and holidays.”