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Ayco offers new ‘stand-up’ asparagus bag

This summer, Ayco Farms Inc. started offering a new premium asparagus display-ready bag for retailers and will continue the introduction of that option as its Peruvian asparagus volume increases.

“We’ve started offering that bag and have received very good acceptance from the industry,” said Dan O’Connor, the vice president of sales for the Pompano Beach, FL, firm.

Ayco-Farms-Asparagus-03This new bag style offers “superior air flow to maximize shelf life and freshness,” he said.

O’Connor said with its stand up base, the product can be featured in virtually any display such as bins, end caps, refrigerated cases, or wall sets. He noted that it gives retailers many options and the ability to build secondary displays for asparagus. The value-added product has a UPC mark to ensure proper scan at the register.

This product in being offered in the Ayco Label, but is also available for private label and custom packing.

Speaking in mid-August, O’Connor said current supplies of asparagus are starting to tighten up a bit but that should change by mid-September. “We will have promotable volume from the last week of September through November,” he said.   “The market price should allow for retail pricing from $1.99 to $3.49 through Thanksgiving.”

He said Ayco Farms had a very good summer asparagus season from Mexico and is poised to have it continue as Peruvian asparagus volume ramps up. “We have started the Peruvian asparagus season, but supplies are moderate right now,” he said on Aug. 17.

The company expects to have its typical transportation mix between air and sea containers with the more economical ocean shipping option used mostly for promotional pricing purposes.

“Ayco Farms was formed to fulfill one sharply focused vision: To be a value-added source of farm fresh produce to customers and retail/food service operations,” O’Connor said.

“True to our mission, today we are a premier supplier of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from multiple growing and shipping points throughout the world.”