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Gold Cup Fresh out of the gate with outstanding citrus and grape programs

When it comes to the most highly demanded citrus varieties it’s hard to beat what Gold Cup Fresh can offer its customers. And, it’s high quality grape offerings are just what every retailer today wants and needs to satisfy consumers. The company’s growth has remained at near staggering figures, with no signs of slowing down.

John-Lazopoulos-JrJohn Lazopoulos JrJohn Lazopoulos, Jr., vice president of sales and marketing, told The Produce News that Gold Cup Fresh has numerous citrus programs underway.

“Our citrus programs include W. Mercots and Minneolas from Peru, and lemons from Argentina and Uruguay.

“From South Africa, we have CaraCara Navel and Midknight Valencia oranges, as well as clementines,” he added.

These programs are all underway now, and Gold Cup Fresh will be proudly featuring them at its booth, number 836, at the New England Produce Council Floral & Foodservice Expo on August 22-23 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.

Lazopoulos will be joined at the event by Managing Partner, Frank Telge, and Sales Director, Michael Marenic, who will all be greeting and meeting with existing and prospective clients.

Also notable in its executive team is Chief Financial Officer Daniel Lopez.

Lazopoulos stressed that the company deals in only the highest quality citrus, and Gold Cup Fresh’s owners’ history and its growing-partners are testament.

In early June, the company announced the merger of its new partner, San Miguel, of Argentina, who, Lazopoulos said, is considered global citrus experts, with Andean Sun Produce, which markets under the Gold Cup Fresh brand.

“San Miguel’s holdings span more than two continents; Latin and South America, as well as South Africa,” explained Lazopoulos. “San Miguel’s recent purchase of the Peruvian mandarin producer Agricola Hoja Redonda, combines with Gold Cup Fresh’s key holdings in the Peruvian mandarin business. It also makes for a unique entrance for San Miguel into the grape and avocado category with all good IFG varieties.”

He further pointed out that the San Miguel Argentine lemons are some of the finest in the world. Lemons are new to the company this year, and San Miguel is packaging them in mesh bags with a front film in both two- and five-pound sizes. This program will run through mid-September.

San Miguel has additional holdings in Peru of mandarins, grapes and avocadoes, to name just a few of its items.

“Uruguay hectares consist of lemons, oranges and additional mandarins,” noted Lazopoulos. “Then, of course, there are the South African San Miguel holdings, which consist of new acreage planted in mandarins and navels.”

The merger fits the company’s long range plans and goals of having the ability to offer its North American retail customers consistent supplies of its core products.

“This has always been the vision of our founders, Frank Telge and Estuardo Masis, Jr., both of LaCalera, Chincha, Peru,” said Lazopoulos. “Now we are bringing two great organizations together with the same common goal. This consolidation creates one of the largest exporters of Peruvian mandarins being offered to the North American retail market.”

He also pointed out that the citrus programs will be winding down in early November. The company’s grape programs begin in December.

Gold Cup Fresh’s North American sales are handled through its Swedesboro, NJ, and Miami offices.

“We receive direct imports—charter and containers—for our program retailers in Houston, Savannah, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia/New Jersey,” added Lazopoulos.