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Eagle Export success is based on trusted relationships

Eagle Export Inc., a small, independent company run by friends and family, is located in the heart of the agricultural belt south of Montreal nestled on the grounds of Alcaro Farm. Eagle’s intimate relationship with Alcaro enables the company to be the first-hand seller of fresh green cabbage, Roma tomatoes and field cucumbers produced at Les Fermes Alcaro Inc.10IMG 3991Pierre Gallant inspecting Alcaro cucumbers with Alain Dulude, owner/operator of Alcaro Farms.

The company launched in 2017, with lots of experience and a shoestring budget, but quickly made a name for itself. The volume of business the Montreal-based company did in its first six months necessitated that it double its warehouse space and workforce.

“Our company went from a great idea and hopeful leap of faith to a solid professional organization,” said the company’s Linda Zenebisis. “We have steady repeat customers, we have reliable transport, we’ve built relationships with organic and conventional growers that rely on us to sell their products for a fair price. We also know how their businesses operate, where they are located and how to better fulfill their needs.”

Knowing not only who they serve but where exactly they are located allows the company to utilize the right transport with the right equipment to deliver to the customer’s door.

The company’s mission statement sums up its philosophy best, “to create and maintain trusted relationships with our customers and suppliers; to offer friendly and professional service and to deliver the freshest possible quality produce to our customers.”

“We believe that building relationships is the key to our success,” Zenebisis said. “We don’t just buy and sell produce. We meet our growers and visit their farms. We establish trust and friendship with our customers.”

Eagle Export purposely located its offices and warehouse in the heart of the agricultural district south of Montreal so it is less than 20 minutes from most of its growers.

“We visit and inspect the produce personally,” Zenebisis said. “We can deliver produce picked that morning to our customers the same day.” 

Eagle’s facilities and transport partners allows it to deliver 12 to 15 loads a day, seven days a week, in season. Depending on weight, Eagle can put between 24 and 28 pallets on a truck, allowing customers the possibility of up to 28 varieties delivered directly.

Zenebisis said that having an online presence in Canada helps the company better connect with those in the industry. For example, its Facebook page is updated regularly with images of current product, recipes and grower profiles that highlight its production methods.

“The produce industry in Canada is just starting to embrace online technologies and the videos and posts on behalf of our suppliers have really cemented our relationships with local growers to get first pick on fresh harvest,” she said.

Alex Zenebisis is Eagle’s founder and president. He and his partners lead a team that has more than 50 years of experience in the fresh produce industry. The company officers also include Pierre Gallant and Jean-Michel Paquin.

“The produce industry in Quebec is largely a family industry, land and productions methods are passed from one generation to the next,” Zenebisis said. “As the new generation comes in with new ideas, things like online pricelists, order tracking, websites and online payment are becoming more prevalent and hence, more important. Eagle’s strategy is to stay ahead of this curve, and our online presence brings us even closer tour suppliers and customers.”