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Peri & Sons champions organic Sweetie Sweet Onions

Peri & Sons Farms’ fall/winter onions storage crop is grown in Nevada, and the Yerington-based company competes against other growers in the Northwest, but Jessica Peri, retail sales manager, said its segregated growing region and techniques help set it apart from the crowd. 

“We grow a full line of organic and conventional sweet, white, yellow and red onions, and 70 percent of our annual crop is grown in Nevada,” she said. “Nearly 6 million 50-pound bags are sold during September through March.” 

PeriSons Orangic-Organic-Combo Success for the family-run company starts, Peri said, with attention to detail.

“Onions are our livelihood. We live and breathe each crop, monitoring everything closely from start to finish,” she said. “Our onions are hand-harvested and the upfront investment greatly improves the appearance and shelf life of our onions. Our approach is more of a boutique style onion grower. We can offer just about any onion or pack style our customers are looking for.”

For example, the programs are highly customizable and the company’s shiny, pearlized onions add value to quality produce departments.

“We are proud to be part of the revolutionary game changing variety — Sunions-Tearless and Sweet,” Peri said. “This is our third year growing the variety and we are looking forward to excellent quality and sizing.”

Demand for the company’s Organic Sweetie Sweet is exceeding supply and this year will be introduced with a fun, fresh new look. Additionally, its organic individually wrapped singles are becoming very popular, and Peri is excited about the acceptance of this new style, since when it was first introduced, its adoption was slow.

Currently, all varieties of organic and conventional onions are looking healthy and Peri & Sons projects a strong season.

“We have a continuous improvement program; we are always changing it up looking for new and more efficient ways to farm without compromising our promise to sustainable farming,” Peri said, adding the farm is sustainably certified by SCS. “We are staying focused on quality not quantity.  Our customers depend on us for consistent, high-quality onions year in and year out.”

Through its private consumer survey research, Peri & Sons has found that consumers are hungry for more information about the products they are buying. 

“Consumer packaging offers the information consumers are craving, but when it comes to bulk, the information is bare,” Peri said. “There is a huge opportunity to get simple messages out to consumers about the onions they are buying with the collaboration of the retailers to add some signage to the displays.”