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Top Brass growing grapes… and a whole lot more

A third-generation family-farm celebrating its 80th anniversary, Top Brass prides itself not just on the quality of its fruit, but every aspect of its operation.

“We farm our own land, harvest the crops, store at our own cold storage facilities, and ship and sell the product we grow,” said Brett Dixon, president of the Delano, CA-based company. “So we handle everything from beginning to end, giving us complete control over every aspect of the process and quality control. Our longevity is a testament to the fruit and vegetables we grow and the quality we have been committed to for eight decades.”sug-2web

Top Brass’ table grapes are grown by Vignolo Farms and are picked, packed and cooled to 34 degrees before shipping. It grows conventional and organic table grapes and this season will offer six varieties of red seedless grapes, seven varieties of green seedless grapes and three varieties of black seedless grapes.

“Success comes from continuous improvement, not only with the fruit that we grow, but also in growing along with our customers,” Dixon said. “We are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient in our operations. From our commitment to solar power to efficiencies in our growing operations we need to be successful in all aspects of the business.”

In 2018, most of the buzz for the California grape season has centered on the harvest being late, however, based on what the company sees now, the overall quality and quantity of the fruit is encouraging. Overall, Top Brass anticipates increased volumes this year.

“Our quality is looking very good and we did not experience some of the issues that we faced last year,” Dixon said. “All of our vineyards from the fields are starting to harvest now and those that will be available throughout the season look very good and we are extremely excited to be able to offer great fruit to our customers and consumers.”

Top Brass offers a variety of package sizes depending on the needs and wants of its customers. High-graphic bags continue to be the preferred packaging for a good portion of its customers but it can also pack in clamshells and clear bags.

“The quality of California grapes really speak for themselves,” Dixon said. “It is amazing how many customers we have that write us asking when will the new season start. They are as excited as we are to start having California grapes in their stores.”

A big drive for Top Brass in 2018 is improving its customer service. One of the ways it’s accomplishing that is by bringing its team to one location.

“We now have a facility where all of our sales and customer support is physically together,” Dixon said. “It has been great to have the entire team under one roof.”