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GR Fresh successfully running ‘Agro for People’ program

A comprehensive program addressing social responsibility is being sponsored by GR Fresh’s corporate establishment GRUPO GR.

Tony Incaviglia, vice president of sales and marketing for GR Fresh, said some international corporations, such as Coca-Cola, have similar programs.

2018-6-25-educationAt company headquarters near Culiacan, GR Fresh managers review the health care program for company workers. Photo courtesy of GR Fresh.But to the best of his knowledge this program, titled Agro for People is unique among the fresh produce industry.

Social responsibility for GR Fresh goes beyond worker well-being. It is also preserving the environment by means such as reducing agrochemical use and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

It also involves a program to boost public safety awareness by the company’s logistics department, which involves trucks hauling product from seven different regions throughout Mexico.

As to the more traditional aspects of a social responsibility program, Incaviglia said GR Fresh includes human rights, family values and gender equality as cornerstones of ‘Agro for People.’

Personal development of employees includes classes to further and complete their education. Employees’ children are regarded as having a natural right to an education.

“That trickles down to all the families. Along with child care services, facilities are provided for children to play, study and be healthy,” said Incaviglia.

“For older children, we help them develop a career path. One piece of that is having them finish their education and giving them job opportunities,” he added.

Incaviglia said Agro for People is tied into the United Nations Global Compact Pact, which includes sustainable development goals. The GR Fresh program is also tied to the Instituto de Educacion para los Adultos and the Empresa Socialmente Responsible promoting sustainable development and social responsibility.

To achieve these objectives, GR Fresh theme is simple, “in our every day tasks we strive to give the best of ourselves,” he said.