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Sage Fruit cites great weather, good sizing in 2018

Though somewhat smaller in volume, the 2018 Sage Fruit Co. stone fruit crop is sizing up well, according to Kaci Komstadius, social media manager for the Yakima, WA, operation.

Assessing the crop during the third week of May, Komstadius said, “As of right now it looks like the volume for the 2018 stone fruit crop is slightly down from last year. However, the sizing of the fruit itself should be larger than it was in 2017.”

sagestonefruitSage Fruit expects good volume for its 2018 stone fruit crop, with more larger sized fruit than in 2017. She went on to say a favorable growing season to that point indicated normal harvest dates for apricots, nectarines and peaches.  

“The weather has been excellent for growing stone fruit in the Yakima Valley,” she said. “While peaches and nectarines are still a ways off, apricots are right around the corner. Start dates for each commodity are fairly close to the norm.”

Apricots were expected to start June 12, with yellow nectarines and yellow peaches starting July 11, followed by white nectarines and peaches on July 17. Sage offers both conventional and organic fruit during the season.

“We will have a well-rounded manifest of both conventional and organic stone fruit this season,” Komstadius said. “We will be able to take care of all our customers’ needs, whether they want conventional or organic. Quality will be outstanding in both.”

Multiple packs for stone fruit are available, Komstadius said. “Our packaging options will include volume-fill, Panta Pak and pouch bags,” she said. “We will have pouch bags available for both conventional and organic apricots, as well as conventional peaches and nectarines. However, with the larger sizing on apricots, promotable volume will come in the form of larger, bulk Panta Paks.”