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GM sourcing Mexican mangos from many areas

Michoacán mango shipping will be running until mid-June for GM Produce Sales LLC, according to Wade Shiba, director of sales in the family business, which is based in Hidalgo, TX.

The Kent mango variety from Michoacán was to begin in the week of May 20 and is expected to run until mid-June.

Sue-Wade-GM-ProduceSue Dinuba and her brother and business partner Wade Shiba promoted GM Produce Sales LLC at the Viva Fresh Expo in April.GM’s Michoacán growers will be shipping light volume of Hadens for two more weeks, Shiba said on May 15. Tommy Atkins was “slow on volume” in mid-May. Ataulfos were to finish there about May 25.

GM’s mango volume out of Chiapas in extreme southern Mexico was “about done.”

Shiba said his mango growers in Nayarit would start shipping Ataulfos May 18, with that deal running into the July 5-15 timeframe.

“We start next week in Jalisco on Tommys, which is an eight-week deal that will run until mid-July.”

GM mostly ships the Tommy Atkins variety from southern Sinaloa from mid-June until mid-August. The firm also has some Kent and Keitt out of southern Sinaloa.

Kents, Keitts and Ataulfos from Los Mochis in northern Sinaloa will run from mid-July until the end of the Mexican mango deal, which will be as late as mid-September.

So far this season, “the markets have been sloppy,” Shiba said. There has been an overlap with Guatemalan exporters and the early Mexican deal “has been a little heavy with volume.”

Oaxaca, Mexico, is winding down on volume, which will help reduce Mexican supplies, he added.