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Westmoreland Sales/Top Line expanding, increasing production

Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms, a leading greenhouse grower headquartered in Leamington, ON, also has a distribution center in Taylor, MI, and a sales office in Park Ridge, NJ, providing extensive North America coverage.

produce-mixWestmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms’ produce in top-seal and recyclable poly packaging.Jimmy Coppola, account and marketing manager, said the company continues to promote its recyclable packing.

“We are continuously revamping our packaging offerings and always exploring ways to reduce the use of plastics in our packs,” noted Coppola. “This transition to compostable fiber trays, paper trays and top-seal and recyclable poly is an indication of our sustainability commitment.”

Nearly two years ago, Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms showcased its new organic line at the PMA Fresh Summit, which continues to perform well. The line includes organic tomatoes-on-the-vine packaged in a top-seal, 100 percent compostable fiber tray. It also offers organic grape tomatoes, which utilize the new top-seal technology package as well.

“We are always looking at new packaging options and new looks,” said Coppola. “We have revamped some of our labels with these new looks over the past couple of years.”

He said the company continues to supply gourmet greenhouse product year-round. The company is always in discussions about expansions.

“We will release some new news soon on greenhouse expansions we are undertaking, as well as some new packs as soon as the information is confirmed,” he said.

Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms continues to offer the same flavorful Bell peppers, seedless cucumbers, beefsteak, on-the-vine, Roma, grape, cocktail and medley tomatoes, to name just a few items in its extensive line.

“We also offer baby eggplant, mini seedless cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, long sweet peppers, hot peppers and much more,” added Coppola.

The company is now riding the wave of a higher level of sustainability with its rooftop solar panel installation that was completed last year.