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Honeybear Brands bringing the Pazazz to PMA Fresh Summit

Elgin, MN-based Honeybear Brands will be showcasing its flavor-packed Pazazz apple, as well as other new and upcoming varieties, at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo, Oct. 19-21, in New Orleans.

“Our focus is firmly on meeting with our retail buyers ahead of the largest Pazazz introduction into North American retail markets that the variety has seen yet,” said Don Roper, vice president of sales and marketing for Honeybear Brands. “We’ll also be extremely busy sampling and introducing show attendees to a few of the varieties we have coming down the pipeline from our varietal development program. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing reactions on the trade show floor.”

HON-PAZAZZ-DONWITHAPPLEDon RoperThe Pazazz apple is in its fourth year of commercial introduction, and according to Roper, this is going to be a record year for the variety.

“Growing conditions and perfect weather from the Mississippi River Valley to New York, Washington and Nova Scotia have helped produce our largest, most flavor-packed crop yet,” he told The Produce News in late September.

The Pazazz apple will be in stores in some areas of North America starting in November – two months earlier than last year – and will be selling through March, a month later than the previous years’ retail cycles.

“We’re currently finalizing orders for new market retailers but we’re anticipating a 50 percent increase in the number of retail markets this year,” added Roper.

Retailers, he noted, are doing an excellent job at displaying and selling Pazazz apples, but the real challenge is convincing consumers to change their buying patterns and behavior.

“This takes a coordinated effort both at retail and consumer marketing when introducing a new variety,” Roper said. “Luckily, we have partnered with some great retailers who really understand the importance of merchandising and promotion to help drive this behavior change at the store door.”

And once consumers break away from their normal apple buying routine and give Pazazz a try, Roper is convinced they’ll be fans for life.

“Some consumers are creatures of habit; they’ve bought more traditional apples for years and they tolerate the lack of flavor,” he said. “But when we get Pazazz into consumer’s hands and they try it for themselves, we have instant converts.”

So what makes the Pazazz apple stand out from the rest? Roper says it’s all about that “wow” eating experience.

“Pazazz is truly different,” he commented. “It took ten years to perfect and is descended from the crowd pleasing Honeycrisp but it has a unique flavor profile that offers a perfect blend of sweet and tart flavor that appeals to almost every apple lover’s palette.”

This new variety introduces the consumer to a whole new flavor spectrum not seen before in the apple category, according to Roper.

“The quality of today’s apple eating experience is being raised and Pazazz is leading the way,” he added.

Honeybear Brands will be showing off its Pazazz apple, as well as other varieties, at Booth No. 1609 during PMA Fresh Summit.

Learn more about Honeybear Brands in the video below.