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IEOOC rolls out High-tech Broker Incentive Program for 2017-18

Last year’s Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee/USA Onions techie-friendly Broker Incentive Program was such a “huge success,” according to the promotions committee, that it is being repeated during the 2017-18 shipping season.

The program offers a terrific selection of goodies, “anything from selfie sticks to drone packages,” and it will kick off Sept. 1 and run through Feb. 1. Brokers accumulate points through loads purchased from IEOOC shipper members. At the end of the program, the points can be redeemed for the goodies.

Last year’s bounty included a drone bundle complete with craft, controller, case, extra battery and other accessories, as well as a slightly scaled down version of the bundle that came without the case and extras. Also given away was an iPad Pro with wi-fi; a GoPro Hero; an iPod Touch; high-tech headphones; a digital camera; the Xbox One Console with 1TB hard drive and more.

“While some of the prizes may change this year, the high-tech theme is the same,” program officials said. “Last year brokers loved the options.”

Contest rules are simple: Brokers must keep track of purchases made during the incentive period, and prizes are awarded according to points for the number of loads from IEOOC shippers.

Each load is equal to eight points, with a maximum of 2,504 points accruing.

For full details, go to and the Brokers tab.