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Babé Farms Specialties highlights Honey Cone Cabbage at PMA Foodservice

Chefs and foodservice operators are on a seemingly constant search for the newest, most unique item to add to their menus. And once again, Babé Farms of Santa Maria, CA, is offering a bright new item to quench their desire.

Marketing Manager/Business Development, Ande Manos, said the company, a leader in the specialty produce industry, will be highlighting Honey Cone Cabbage at Booth No. 708 during the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo, July 28-30 in Monterey, CA.

“This is a sweet new addition to our line of specialty vegetables,” said Manos. “Compared to common cabbage varieties, Honey Cone Cabbage differentiates itself through its shape, texture and flavor.”

Honey Cone Cabbage is indeed cone-shaped.

CabbWedgeCabbage wedge salad from Babe Farms.“Its leaves, with variations of pea green colorings, are thin, broad, deeply veined, tightly enveloped lengthwise and bluntly pointed,” explained Manos.

“The flavor of Honey Cone Cabbage is mild and remarkably sweet, void of that bold cruciferous flavor that is most reminiscent of cabbage.”

She added that this versatile brassica holds up well to heat and is excellent eaten raw, grilled, seared or roasted. The Babé Farms sales and marketing team will be serving up the grilled “Cabb-Wedge” at its exhibition booth.

Babé Farms Specialties grows, markets and ships a vast variety of colorful, eye-appealing, uniquely shaped, unusually sized and exciting specialty vegetables which strongly draw the attention of foodservice operators across the country.

The company is also committed to educating its customers, both retailers and foodservice operators, on how to merchandise and prepare its line of specialty items.

“Our kaleidoscope of colorful items can be displayed to inspire edible décor on both retail shelves and on restaurant menus,” said Manos. “They can be transformed into a decadent visual feast for restaurant patrons.”

Judy Lundberg-Wafer, one of the original founding members of Babé Farms, and her son, Jeff Lundberg, now own and operate Babé Farms. Jeff Lundberg serves as president and chief operating officer of the company, overseeing all aspects of the farming operation and business. Lundberg-Wafer is the chairman of the board and remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

The family-like business is proud of the fact that many of its employees from the field, administrative and sales staff have been with the company for well over 20 years. Quality, year-round availability and variety, family owned and operated, family safety plus farming practices, and a pioneer in specialty vegetables define the innovative company.

In addition to a wide range of colorful cruciferous vegetables, the Babé Farms’ lineup of specialty items includes baby head lettuces, specialty greens, root vegetables, including baby and colored carrots, seasonal specialties, aromatics and more.

Crowds always gather at Babé Farms Specialties’ exhibition booths, regardless of the venue or location, and foodservice chefs and distributors always have an exceptionally strong presence.

In addition to the new Honey Cone Cabbage, the company will have a wide range of its product line on display at the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo.

“Be sure to visit Babé Farms’ Honey Cone Cabbage display in the new products showcase at the event,” Manos stressed.