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Mexico remains good market for MVPG

With supplies on hand and shipments on track to run through July 20, Monte Vista Potato Growers in Monte Vista, CO, continues to see good business with Mexican receivers inside the 26k buffer zone.

“That program is going great for us,” General Manager Jason Tillman said on April 25.

“Right now our overall movement is staying steady, and Mexico is taking a lot of size A from us,” he added.

mvpgjpgMonte Vista Potato Growers General Manager Jason Tillman and his wife, Heather. Tillman says Mexico continues to be a major receiver of MVPG spuds. Photo courtesy of MVPG/Jason Tillman.Tillman said the Mexico-bound spuds are shipped in 50-pound paper sacks and cartons.

As 2016 storage spuds are being shipped, MVPG growers have been planting the new crop, with fields spread from the Monte Vista area west to the Del Norte region.

“We’ve got guys putting potatoes in the ground now,” Tillman said, adding that the cooperative’s grower base is back to nine.

“Our planting weather is supposed to be on the cool side, which could be good for us. And we expect to be finished by May 15,” he said.

“We added a couple of new growers, and they will bring us good quality potatoes,” he said. The variety mix for this new crop will again be yellows and russets, heavy to the russets.

“We’ll have Norkotahs, Canelas, Tetons and Centennials in the russets, and our yellows will be a couple of varieties,” Tillman told The Produce News.

The yellows are primarily shipped in consumer packs, and Tillman said while russets in 2017 will be available in all pack options, “There will be a lot more five-pound bags than we’ve had in the past.”

Last fall was the debut of MVPG’s new 15,000-square foot warehouse and its new line, and Tillman said everything had been running well and the co-op is working to hit capacity this season.