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Myrick stays consistent

Jimmy Myrick, vice president of Edward L. Myrick Produce in Pompano Beach, FL, said since the company represents farmers in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Honduras, it keeps close tabs on everything that’s happening in those locales to ensure it has a good season.

He admits that while the year hasn’t been great, it’s been decent, and he’s encouraged by what he’s seen and heard in Georgia.

“Luckily, our farmer in the state is far enough north that we weren’t planting early when the freeze hit south Georgia, so our crop is normal and on schedule,” Myrick said. “We grow beans, cucumbers and squash as our main items and we expect production in 2017 to be the same as normal.”

Myrick is hoping for a good season and believes there will be a good volume and good price for the produce in the months ahead.

While other companies may be growing and testing out new items, Myrick doesn’t believe that means the company isn’t strong — it just continues to be successful doing what it does best.

“My father would say ‘consistency’ is the key to success. Try to do the same amount every year and do a good job at what you do,” he said. “That means being a consistent supplier for your customers and a consistent salesman for your farmers.”

A strong farmer relationship is one that Edward L. Myrick Produce takes seriously. It’s been a foundation of the company since its very beginning.

“You have to treat their product like it’s your product,” Myrick said. “We have four farmers that we work with, including one in Georgia — Minor Brothers Farms in Americus.”