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King Farms has Georgia on its mind

King Farms is no stranger to the subtleties of being successful in Georgia, having grown and shipped in the state for the last 20 years.

“What is unique is that Georgia has two full seasons — summer and fall,” said Steve Oldock, owner the Naples, FL-based company.  

The offerings from Georgia growers has remained rather constant through the years, with squash, Bell peppers, cucumbers, corn, eggplant, hot peppers, cabbage and melons often the most popular in the region. In 2017, King Farms will also be offering cauliflower and Brussels sprouts for the spring.

The markets in general were low as the season closed last fall and Oldock noted that growers will need a “super season” to kick off 2017 to offset their loses. Based on early reports, the crops look pretty consistent for 2017 and acreage should be similar to what was grown and shipped last year.

“What we concentrate on is detail with ground inspection,” Oldock said. “Our inspector knows what our end-users demand. He is an excellent asset to King Farms.”

The company’s staff travel to Georgia together at the end of each May to ensure that everything is running smoothly. After that, they are off to the Carolinas, New Jersey, New York and finish in Canada — then back to Georgia in September.

“We see that being in Georgia is a plus for King Farms,” Oldock said.