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Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms to have strong presence at CPMA Convention

Leamington, Ontario-based Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms will once again have a strong presence at the 92nd Annual 2017 Canadian Produce Marketing Convention & Tradeshow on May 9-11 in Toronto, Ontario.

The company will have its wide selection of high-quality greenhouse produce on display at Booth No. 1309.

“Westmoreland Sales’ representation at the show will be Dino DiLaudo, Max Mastronardi, Lisa Sirizzotti, Tony Cappelli and myself,” said Jimmy Coppola, account and marketing manager.

produce-mixGreenhouse produce from Westmoreland Farms with new top seal technology.“We will be showcasing our TopLine Farms as a brand, with an emphasis on our organic offerings. We will also feature some of our new packs which utilize the new top seal technology.”

Coppola pointed out that the company will be in peak production in its Canadian greenhouses during the CPMA event.

He also noted that the company finds the primary attendance at the CPMA Convention & Tradeshow is from those located nearest to the event.

“We see a lot of local retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators, but we also see many produce professionals from the U.S. and from Western Canada,” added Coppola. “Some people even make the travel from Europe and Mexico. Overall, the show draws a wide range of people from many places in the world.”

He stressed that the CPMA show is a great event to get face time with existing partners, as well as a good opportunity to introduce the company to potential partners.

A most notable improvement and upgrade at Westmoreland Sales/TopLine in Leamington is its recent installation of a rooftop solar panel installation.

“This project was an initiative of our sustainability plan and will help us reduce our carbon footprint well into the future,” said Coppola. “The great thing about this rooftop solar panel installation is that we generate electricity which helps offset our usage. Any extra energy generated is put back to the grid where surrounding businesses, residential and greenhouse operations can utilize it.”

Westmoreland Sales-TopLine Farms produces, markets and ships a full line of greenhouse products, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and numerous specialty items.

“Our greenhouse vegetables are always the freshest, most flavorful and grower-direct gourmet greenhouse produce available in today’s marketplace,” said Coppola.