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Eagle Packaging Machinery creates new XL tray forming solution

Miami-based Eagle Packaging Machinery has recently introduced the Vassoyo Air XL for forming extra-large produce trays (up to 60x60 inches) with or without a lid. The robust tray former boasts unparalleled simplicity and uses a Nordson glue system to efficiently erect die-cut trays.VassoyoAirXL EaglePackagingMachinery

The new Vassoyo Air XL includes features like a pre-load station to stage up to 36 inches of corrugate, a powered mechanical lift to index tray blanks one at a time, and a vacuum blank sheet feeder to transfer blanks through the system for precise forming and gluing.

The Vassoyo Air XL is unlike traditional tray formers. Most notably, it has a unique upward moving forming section that allows the large blank to be formed squarely as opposed to the traditional downward mandrel plunging mechanism.

Other significant benefits of the new Eagle Packaging system are Omron or Allen Bradley PLC and a user-friendly seven-inch color touch screen HMI with detailed operational instructions.

The highly customizable and dependable Vassoyo Air XL has the ability to run a vast array of tray sizes, making it a viable solution for produce industry applications.