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The Vision Cos. projects Mexican mango season will surpass last year’s volume

In early February Vision Cos.’ Mexican mango program had already begun, and projections are that this season will surpass 2016 in volume.

On Feb. 8, Vision Import Group Vice President of Sales Ronnie Cohen said Van Gogh Ataulfo mangos were already being packed.

“The Mexican mango campaign for 2017 is under way,” said Cohen. “The early variety of Ataulfos is the lion share of the crop so far. There are few red varieties running, and the majority of those that are moving are Haden mangos.”

IMG-20170208-WA0000Van Gogh brand Ataulfo mangos from the Vision Cos.He noted that the Peruvian season will end earlier than usual this year, and a much lower total volume supply of red varieties from Mexico means overall volumes of reds will be lower than normal for a period of time.

“This situation will extend from late February and the entire month of March,” added Cohen. “We should see some relief in April, when we anticipate having greater promotional volumes from then through the end of the season.”

Vision Produce Co. is the eastern wing of The Vision Cos. The organization comprises Vision Produce Co. in Los Angeles, which is in partnership with Hackensack, NJ-based Vision Import Group.

While the two companies do business in slightly different ways, their shared distribution enables nationwide brand marketing.

An office in Pharr, TX, operated under the Vision Import Group banner, is used for quality control and distribution.

In addition to Los Angeles, Vision Produce Co. also has sales and distribution operations in Phoenix and Nogales, AZ.

Under The Vision Cos.’ banner are also a trucking company, VPC Freight Solutions, and a truck brokerage business, SW Truck Brokers. Both companies operate from Phoenix.

Vision Import Group markets products to customers east of the Mississippi River, and Vision Produce Co. handles the western portion of the nation.

Both companies market Van Gogh mangos and Mojito, Havana and Mr. Squeeze limes and lemons. Vision Produce Co. also sells limes under the Bonito, Tropic Star and Logger brand names.

Bill Vogel, president and chief executive officer of Vision Produce Co., is the major shareholder along with other West Coast employees. Vision Produce Co. partnered with Raul Millan, executive vice president, and Cohen in 2007 to form Vision Import Group in New Jersey.

“Our projection is to surpass the total volume from Mexico in 2016,” stressed Cohen. “The setup of the season looks similar to last year at the same time, so we would anticipate a very good spot market in March.

“Mexico will have plenty of fruit to fulfill retail promotions all summer,” he continued. “We are encouraging all of our customer partners to keep mangos in front of the customers, and prices will be very attractive to maintain those key positions.”