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Shuman Farms: New name, same great service
For more than 30 years, the Shuman family name has been synonymous with sweet onions and the Vidalia onion industry and Shuman Produce, based in Cobbtown, GA, has remained a leader in the sweet onion industry. In 2019, the company has rebranded as Shuman Farms. “This change reflects our company’s core business and a return to our roots as a generational family farm,” said John Shuman, president and chief executive officer of Shuman Farms. “In addition to our own... Read more
Bland Farms sees good Vidalia pricing ahead
Bland Farms, located in Glennville, GA, is a top grower and shipper of sweet onions, planting in Georgia and then going up to Peru, Mexico, Texas before returning to Georgia. “What makes our deal work is supply and demand,” said Delbert Bland, owner and president of the family-run company. “The onions have been a pretty good crop in Peru and they are just finishing up now, and they had good quality. Coming into Mexico, the onion supply is very limited this... Read more
VOC’s investments in research paying off
Bob Stafford, the manager of the Vidalia Onion Committee, headquartered in Vidalia, GA, said despite a rocky start caused by heavy rain, 2019’s onions are looking good. “We had a lot of water in there, and it was hard to get in and out of the fields,” Stafford said. “But this onion is a tough little bugger and it overcame it, so we have some fine-looking onions out there. Some of the stands are going to be a bit down, but we’re basically going to have a normal... Read more
Baldor’s Michael Muzyk has his finger on the pulse of industry
Michael Muzyk, president of Baldor Specialty Foods in the Bronx, NY, is always active in political initiatives that not only improve Hunts Point, but also the overall industry. A committee he serves on is still actively pursuing the City of New York to put a ferry stop at the Hunts Point shore. Michael Muzyk “The ferry currently goes to another point in the Bronx, but bypasses Hunts Point,” he said. “People living outside of the Bronx, but who work at Hunts Point,... Read more
A new look for Freshline Produce
Freshline Produce unveiled its new product packaging design at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure show, showcasing a new look and bringing in a new era for the brand. “We decided to do a complete rebrand,” said Adam Forem, Freshline’s president. “We purchased Supreme Cuts three-and-a-half-years ago and now we are changing everything over to a Freshline brand.” Once the two companies aligned, their cultures meshed and the sales staff was in place,... Read more
D’Arrigo Bros. NY pushing organics strongly
D’Arrigo Bros. NY, headquartered at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, consistently promotes its full line of produce items, but Gabriela D’Arrigo, marketing director and organic buyer for the family-owned business, said it is currently looking to push organics. The company has finished the renovations it was making on its new facility. Gabriela D’Arrigo“The new facility is right outside the entrance of the Hunts Point Terminal Market,” said “D’Arrigo.... Read more
Mexican mangos on the mind at Coast Citrus Distributors
Coast Citrus Distributors, headquartered in San Diego, CA, has been a major wholesaler of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. and Mexico for almost 70 years. Isabel Cheda Freeland, vice president of the company, noted Mexican mangos are a vital segment for the company as its known for tropical items and mangos are a big part of that category. “We like to be known as a strong tropical provider so it’s very important for us,” she said. “We handle mangos 52 weeks out... Read more
Target Interstate continues monitoring and working with ELD Mandate
Evan Kazan, director of business development for Target Interstate Systems, a leading fresh produce transportation and logistics firm based at Hunt Point Terminal Market in Bronx, NY, is well versed on the ELD Mandate, and he stays on top of every related detail. The company specializes exclusively in the transport of fresh fruits and vegetables. The ELD Mandate went into effect in December 2015. The first deadline to comply passed in December 2017. It states that... Read more
Nathel & Nathel: a growing Hunts Point Terminal Market legend
Strong growth, evolvement and expansion are in Nathel & Nathel’s very nature. The past year has been no exception. The company was founded by Daniel Nathel and his partner in 1922. Today it is overseen by his grandsons — Ira Nathel, serves as company president, and his brother, Sheldon (Shelly) Nathel. Due to its strong growth, the company is continually increasing its team of produce professions, and is now basically creating its own new generation. Ira... Read more
Hard work is key to success for Jacob’s Village Farm Corp.
It was 20 years ago that Jacob Yosofov founded Jacob’s Village Farm Corp., a wholesale distributor with 15,000 square feet of cold storage space in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eventually expanding into peaches, stone fruit, berries and other popular produce items. In fact, its giro pack machine now packs citrus, avocados and apples in several net mesh bagging styles. The company also provides mandarins out of California, which... Read more
E. Armata continues to invest in the future
Hunts Point Terminal Market-based E. Armata Inc. is a leading, highly professional Northeast produce distribution company with a solid and envious fresh produce industry reputation. Its ongoing goal is to maintain its business in an updated and technically advanced condition, enabling it to provide the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables to its customers, backed by the firm’s firm commitment to service. Paul Armata, Nick Armata, Chris Armata, Michael... Read more
Sweetpops creating buzz for Red Sun Farms
Red Sun Farms, based in Kingsville, ON, is one of the larger fully vertically integrated, high-tech greenhouse growers in North America with nearly 600 acres of production area. “What sets us apart from our competitors is our seed to plate approach, which closes the gap between grower, retailer and consumer, allowing us to develop an exceptional product and an exemplary level of customer service, from all our locations in Mexico, Canada and the United States,”... Read more
Westmoreland-TopLine Farms adds 25 acres of high-tech greenhouses
The family-owned Westmoreland-TopLine Farms in Leamington, ON, regularly offers beefsteak, cluster and Roma tomatoes, seedless cucumbers and mini seedless cucumbers and Bell peppers. There’s also plenty of specialty items, with products like baby eggplant, grape, cherry, cocktail, chocolate, heirloom and long, red San Marzano styles Roma tomatoes, cocktail snacking cucumbers and mini sweet peppers. Additionally, the greenhouses boast a strong organics section,... Read more
W.P. Produce showcasing new Desbry box design at SEPC
W.P. Produce, located in Miami, FL, is thrilled to be headed across the state to SEPC’s Southern Exposure, and this year plan on showcasing the company’s new Desbry box design and sample its Desbry Avocados in a variety of ways. Working behind Booth No. 508, a team from W.P. Produce are excited to further educate its buyers on the many different ways the green skin avocado is used, as well as the company’s personal tricks on when is the best time... Read more
Fowler Farms bringing EverCrisp to SEPC show
Austin Fowler, owner of Wolcott, NY-based Fowler Farms, will head with four of his team members to SEPC’s Southern Exposure show this month, and given that he was just experiencing 0 degree temperatures and a wind-chill of negative 23, he’s thrilled to be flying to Orlando. “For us in upstate New York, it’s really nice to have a nice warm climate to go to to take a break from the cold,” he said. “But of course, we really enjoy the show and appreciate the scale.... Read more
NatureFresh Farms celebrates 20 years of greenhouse growing
Everything Leamington, ON-based NatureFresh Farms grows is done in controlled greenhouses — bell peppers, long sweet peppers, mini sweet peppers, cucumbers, mini cucumbers, beef tomato, tomato-on-the-vine, cherry/grape/cocktail, and other specialty tomatoes.  “This allows us to grow in a protected environment and in a sustainable way utilizing less water while providing us with consistency of supply no... Read more
Go Green Logistics focused on what it does well
NOGALES, AZ— “We do one thing and we do it really well,” said Marco Nunez, general manager of Go Green Logistics LLC. What the firm does well is haul mixed produce loads from Nogales to California’s Bay Area. Marco Nunez Jr. and Denise Garcia of Go Green in the firm’s Nogales cold warehouse, which has a Primus GFS food-safety certification. Go Green is very comfortable with its fleet of four local and four over-the-road trucks. All aspects of the company are temperature... Read more
Peppers-Plus ahead of the game
RIO RICO, AZ— Peppers-Plus is using Global Trade Item Number stickers on its Bell peppers, according to Bobby Astengo, who is the managing partner of Peppers Plus LLC. Peppers-Plus prints GTIN and PLU codes on the same stickers. Bobby Astengo“It’s a unique identifier,” Astengo said. Information on the GTIN indicates, for example, that “it’s a red Bell, it’s grown in a greenhouse and that the brand is registered.” A retailer will know from the GTIN that the pepper... Read more
Ciruli seeing a lot of growth
RIO RICO, AZ— “We have a lot of growth going on,” Chris Ciruli said of Ciruli Bros. LLC. “We are adding volume with our core items of mangos, cucumbers and green Bells. And expanding and complementing our mix with colored Bells to be year-round. New salesman Joey Bernal is flanked by brother-partners Chuck and Chris Ciruli in the firm’s Rio Rico warehouse. “We’ve added another big grower in Culiacan,” he said. This will involve strong volumes of hothouse cluster... Read more
Demand driving Fresh Farms to increase all programs
RIO RICO, AZ— Fresh Farms is continuing to grow all of its programs — fueled by an increase in demand by its retail partners, according to Jerry Havel, director of sales and marketing for Fresh Farms LLC. “Organic products are included in our growth plan,” he said. “We are introducing and expanding on all of our organic products with the end goal being able to offer both conventional and organic in every item we produce.” Jerry HavelThis spring Fresh Farms will... Read more