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In an effort to lengthen and widen its California stone fruit season, PureFresh Sales Inc., headquartered in Selma, CA, is continuing to experiment with new varieties, especially those with late season capabilities or other targeted traits. Last year, the company began offering more black plums and this year it has increased its late season varieties in apricots as well as some of the other stone fruits. Bill Purewal, president and owner of the operation, said... Read more
Homegrown Organic expects promotional volume for the category
Though as a general rule, production of organic California stone fruit is still in a demand-exceeds-supply situation most of the time, there should be several opportunities during the next few months when the supply situation of certain varieties could warrant some promotional pricing and ad buys. At least that is the view of Stephen Paul, category director, stone fruit, fall fruit and grapes for Homegrown Organic Farms in Porterville, CA. In mid-April, as his... Read more
Capital Logistics specializes in produce, covering the nation with highest level of service
Founded in 2009, Capital Logistics in White Plains, NY, has quickly grown to become a major non-asset-based logistics company that exercises diligence with both clients and its diverse trucking companies throughout the country. The company takes pride in its assurance of delivering the highest level of service and reliability. It was formed by Michael Feig, chief operating officer, and his business partner, Jeff Gerson, chief executive officer. Gerson previously... Read more
Snow & Sons off to an early start with asparagus
With first loads of asparagus going out in late March, Snow & Sons Produce in Outlook, WA, was expecting its peak during the week of April 18, according to proprietor Steve Thomas. Thomas said there should be plenty of product for Mother’s Day, and he said loads should continue to ship up to mid-July. “We’re supposed to have really good weather this week,” Thomas said on April 18. The extended forecast was calling for cooler temperatures and possible rain... Read more
“I’m excited about the upcoming Mexican grape season,” said Atomic Torosian, the managing partner of Crown Jewels Produce. “It should be a very good season. We are on schedule to be about four or five days earlier than last year,” added Torosian, whose firm is based in Fresno, CA. Crown Jewels is packing grapes in a clear standup pouch bag. While high-graphic pouch bags have recently been popular for grapes, Torosian said his retail buyers are asking for clear... Read more
Consalo Family Farms recognized for environmental stewardship
In recognition for its work to take voluntary and proactive measures to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future, Consalo Family Farms received an Environmental Stewardship Program award from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The award, announced in mid-March, was based upon the company's facilities inspection earlier in 2016. “Consalo Family Farms is committed to providing high-quality produce while maintaining sustainability... Read more
Seald Sweet has ample supply of Mexican grapes as deal keeps growing
With new grape production coming on in Mexico, Seald Sweet International is in continued growth mode this year with substantial volumes projected despite early season weather problems. The company is expecting volumes as high or higher than the previously tripled volumes it marketed last season during the six-week Mexican season. “As an industry it looks like the deal could be a little bit light in the early portion, Mexico had some very cold weather and freezes... Read more
RIO RICO, AZ — Subsequent to the shocking death of Renato Parada, the founder of RP Distributing, his firm is moving ahead. At age 53, Parada died March 8, just days after learning he had cancer. The firm’s salesman, Francisco Orrantia, worked for Parada for 16 years and confirmed that Mexican suppliers had all given RP a vote of confidence to continue the sales relationship. “The company is strong,” Orrantia said. “We will keep doing business as always.” Parada... Read more
The majority of companies located at the Hunts Point Terminal Market are multi-generational family-owned. But the way companies do business today is quite different than their forefathers. “Many houses on the market are putting salespeople on the street, which is something new,” said Vice President Shelly Nathel told The Produce News. “We don’t because our customers come to us, but I understand the concept. Many companies now receive direct shipments, and new... Read more
Calling a produce company famous might be thought to be a misuse of an adjective, but just mention the name Trucco to anyone in the produce industry in the Northeast and fame for what the company does is likely to be used in response. Located on Hunts Point Terminal Market, Trucco is one of the biggest importers of fresh produce as well as dried fruits and nuts from around the world. The company has distribution centers in New York, New Jersey and California. Trucco... Read more
Bloom Fresh is a 360-degree elite marketing program to rebrand the name so consumers will recognize it and relate it to high-quality fresh produce. Owned by S. Katzman Produce at the Hunts Point Terminal Market, the Bloom Fresh rebranding project has been given a complete update and refresh under the guidance of Dijana Ilieva, who was hired in January 2015 specifically to head up the project. Ilieva’s background includes seven years in liquor marketing and she... Read more
New York apple growers have always kept Hunts Point Terminal Market and other state distributors well-supplied with apples, and this year is no different. Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association in Fishers, NY, said that in turn, many New York apple growers rely on companies located on Hunts Point Terminal Market to sell their apples. “New York apple growers and shippers have been sending apples to the Big Apple for centuries, literally,” stressed... Read more
North Bergen, NJ-based Exp Group LLC is the largest importer of tropical fruits and vegetables from Latin America to the United States. It is a multinational organization based on several companies, and has numerous brands under its umbrella. Combined, the brands create a highly efficient network of production, importation, exportation and distribution of tropical fruits and vegetables from the Caribbean, South America and Central America. It has particularly... Read more
Young and quickly growing US Fresh doing things the right way
US Fresh, headquartered in the Bronx, NY, got off to a humble start in 2004 with $112 in startup money and a minivan. But since then it has evolved into a major grower, importer and shipper of high-quality herbs, tropicals and ethnic root vegetables. David Jaramillo, vice president, of the company explained that he and his parents all had full time jobs at the time. “But we had a plan to start this business,” he said. “I remember the $112 specifically because... Read more
Getting fresh produce to where it needs to go, in a timely way, in good condition and with the highest level of customer service is what Target Interstate is known to do. The highly regarded logistics company headquartered in Hunts Point Terminal Market was started 35 years ago. It covers the nation with the highest level of logistical services. Paul Kazan, president, said the company is proud to have developed the loyal customer bank that it has. “Our contract... Read more
As always, Baldor Specialty Foods, headquartered in the Bronx, NY, has many new projects in the works or in the planning stage for launch. One is its current expansion at its Hunts Point facility. Full coverage of the expansion project was reported on page 80 of the April 18 edition of The Produce News headlined, “Baldor Specialty Foods evolving in every possible way.” Baldor needs the space because it is constantly expanding into new product lines and products... Read more
This year marks the first time that Rice Fruit Co. in Gardners, PA, has promoted its new KIKU club apple in New York City. John Rice, company president, explained it is the first year it produced volumes ample enough to support the huge New York market. “We were very pleased with how the KIKU was received in the state, and Hunts Point turned into a very good market for us,” said Rice. “I believe one of the reasons is that two very large ethnic groups in the region... Read more
Now in its fourth generation of family members helping to oversee its operations, S. Katzman Produce Inc., located on the Hunts Point Terminal Market, continues to grow and expand in every possible direction. In business since the 1920s, S. Katzman services retailers, distributors, caterers, restaurants and gourmet outlets with the full range of both organic and conventional fruits and vegetables. Stefanie Katzman, one of the fourth generation members, told... Read more
Now in its second year, Global Bloom LLC, headquartered in the Bronx, NY, engages in importing and exporting produce, predominantly into North America. Managing Director Claire Sakho told The Produce News that the company has refined its field of customers and items since it was formed. “We are focusing on more concentrated items, and we like one strong partner in each region we service,” said Sakho. “One example is our red onion program from the Netherlands.... Read more
The Maurice A. Auerbach family has proudly announced a new addition to its family. Josh Auerbach, son of company president, Paul Auerbach, and his wife Michelle, were blessed with the birth of their second daughter, Penelope Sage, in early April. Their eldest daughter, Lily, is now three years old. “This makes it a happy time for everyone in the family and in our company,” said Bruce Klein, director of marketing. “We want our kids to be healthy and happy, and... Read more