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M. Levin and Company celebrating 110 years in business
This year marks M. Levin and Company’s 110th year in business. Mark Levin, chief executive officer for the company, which is located on the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, said he feels this is a great accomplishment. “We have remained family owned and operated during this time,” said Levin. “In their own way each generation has added to the growth of our business, now being run by both the third and fourth generations. In a... Read more
Farm Fresh Produce offers high-quality seasonal cabbage
Steven Ceccarelli recognizes that produce buyers tend to prefer year-round commodity suppliers. When the seasons change, that same phone number can be redialed to simplify buying decisions. But Ceccarelli’s North Carolina firm, Farm Fresh Produce, Inc., is not a year-round cabbage supplier. He has built his business on the proven fact that buyers will switch to his Farm Fresh brand because it is such high quality. Danny Joe Pope, the Napa, bell pepper and... Read more
T.M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia says PWPM fulfilling its every promise
T.M. Kovacevich, International and T.M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia Inc., commonly referred to as TMK, are separate entities, but both are owned by George Manos. In August 2012, T.M. Kovacevich-Philadelphia, located on the Philadelphia Wholesale Terminal Market, received its U.S. Department of Agriculture Audit Program for GAP and GHP. Tommy Kovacevich, general manager of the company, said this is an ongoing effort in which the company focuses a lot of its attention. Kovacevich... Read more
Southern Produce covers customers field to fork
Southern Produce Distributors Inc., which is based in Faison, NC, and has been family owned and operated since 1942, continues on a growth track to bring increased volume of fresh produce to the marketplace. “We are a grower-packer-shipper of sweet potatoes, and our hard squash program is expanding,” said Vice President Kelley Precythe. Vice President Kelley Precythe and Chief Executive Officer Sterling Cook. Photo courtesy of Southern Produce.“We... Read more
BRS Produce looking forward to the New Jersey produce deal
The New Jersey produce movement may begin gradually each spring with items dribbling in slowly from farmers. But once the movement comes on full force it’s a very happy time for wholesalers, distributors and brokers in the Northeast, including merchants at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. It marks the start of high-quality produce that runs from spring through fall. On April 29, Rick Milavsky, president, treasurer and secretary of BRS Produce Co.... Read more
D’Arrigo Bros. investment in charter school offers hope to South Bronx families
New York City Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. and representatives of D’Arrigo Bros., one of the nation’s larger distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables, toured Hyde Leadership Charter School, to view up close the incredible accomplishments that the students have achieved, made possible in large part due to the ongoing support provided to the school by D’Arrigo.New York City Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. (right) and Matthew D’Arrigo,... Read more
Over a half-century, homegrown L&M Cos. have spread a footprint through 14 states
A half-century ago, Joe McGee founded Raleigh, NC’s L&M Cos. with core values of respect, passion, leadership and excellence. L&M has since grown to be a major player in the U.S. produce deal, with more than 250 employees and almost 2,000 seasonal workers farming 15,000 acres in 14 states. The company shipped closed to 20 million cartons of produce last year. “Mr. McGee always handled things with the highest degree of integrity,” said... Read more
Collotti and Sons founded on locally grown  produce and its commitment remains firm
Since its founding over 60 years ago, Collotti and Sons, located at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, has remained committed to locally grown produce. But the company is also known for its full line of western and eastern fruits and vegetables. And it carries all of the top brand names in the industry. It specializes in all categories of berries produced both domestically and offshore. “In addition to local growers, we also support growers in Canada... Read more
Procacci Bros.’ global search brings the freshest and highest quality produce to its door
Frank Paone, director of marketing for Procacci Bros. Sales Corporation, headquartered in Philadelphia, told The Produce News that, as always, the company’s service area has no boundaries. In addition to its headquarters facility, it holds space on the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. “We continue to offer our full complement of fresh produce and floral items to those who demand the best quality and value,” said Paone. “Our growing... Read more
With an additional 20 acres of production coming on line in the California desert this year, Western Fresh Marketing, headquartered in Madera, CA, is expecting to have more fruit to sell this season. President George Kragie told The Produce News on April 29 that the crop was a few days early and he would have some fruit for sale toward the end of the first week in May, but noted those supplies would be scarce and very expensive. In fact, he said that will be the... Read more
A leading importer and distributor of high-quality fruits and vegetables, Gourmet Trading Co., headquartered in Redondo Beach, CA, said its California crop of blueberries was just kicking off the last week of April. “The California fruit is gorgeous,” said Luciano Fiszman, blueberry category manager for the company. “It is great size and flavor. Most of our program in California comes from our own farm. It’s truly beautiful product this... Read more
It was 25 years ago, in 1991, that Pacific Agricultural Packaging (Pacific AgPak) began operating in the packaging business in the Salinas Valley of California. Founder Mickey Crumpton started with frozen vegetable bags, chip board and domed plastic lids, and the company now has locations in Watsonville, CA, and Langley, BC, and offers a long list of packaging products. “We are proud to be offering a wide range of PET packaging and the largest offerings... Read more
Two plus two makes five when the Vision Cos. combine forces
The Vision Produce Co. is the parent company of The Vision Cos., which comprises Vision Import Group LLC, headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, and Vision Produce Co., headquartered in Los Angeles. Vision Import Group markets to the eastern United States, while Vision Produce Co. markets in the western part of the nation. Ronnie Cohen is the vice president of sales for Vision Import Group. He is joined in partnership by Bill Vogel, president and chief executive officer... Read more
Raley’s and iFoster celebrate first anniversary of foster youth hiring program
In conjunction with Foster Care Awareness Month, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores and iFoster commemorated one year of hiring foster youth by hosting 1,000 foster youth at the River Cats game at Raley Field in West Sacramento, CA. The event marked the largest group of foster youth ever assembled for such a celebration. “We are so grateful to Raley’s for being the first company to work with iFoster to develop our training program and hiring our youth,”... Read more
Located in the same office and manned by the same sales staff, Mecca, CA-based Richard Bagdasarian Inc. and Pasha Marketing LCC offer their customers the opportunity for reduced stops to fill out that load. Bagdasarian is the grape entity with President Nick Bozick offering this year’s commentary on the crop. “The timing is very close to last year, maybe a couple of days later,” he said on April 18. He added that a few colder-than-normal days in April might... Read more
Although early rains affected Flavor 1st's early squash crop, conditions have become more favorable and production is proceeding in an orderly manner. “The later plantings are looking really good. All beans are looking good,” said Michael Porter, part of the company's sales team. Flavor 1st grows and repacks produce for sale to grocery store chains, wholesalers and open air fresh markets. “We own and operate several farms in North Carolina, South... Read more
Christopher Ranch anticipates tight storage season until new crop arrives in June
Gilroy, CA-based Christopher Ranch LLC is riding out a very tight storage season. Anthony M. DeAngelis, director, Northeast Division for the company, said many sources in the garlic deal are short on supply for multiple reasons, including a shorter crop from California last July. “In addition, China and other offshore supplemental deals will be short until the new crop starts arriving in June,” explained DeAngelis. “That said, Christopher Ranch is doing its best... Read more
East West Unlimited banks on early niche
Steve Root, the president and owner of Coachella, CA-based based East West Unlimited LLC, has carved out a nice little niche among the earliest grapes the Coachella Valley produces each year, and a quality that he boasts “is second to none.” Root doesn’t like to divulge the amount of acres he farms nor the total number of grapes he ships as he quips “he doesn’t want people to know how small he is.” But in reality, he has a “go... Read more
MamaMia Produce creates a fusion between mother nature and science
MamaMia Produce LLC, headquartered in East Rutherford, NJ, has three generations of agricultural experience and graduate studies in soil and plant science. It provides the finest premium fruits and vegetables which are sold under the MamaMia and LaVita brand names. The company uses the latest in greenhouse and hydroponic advances to create a fusion between mother nature and science. Joseph Sferrazza of MamaMia Produce displaying the company’s products.“Our mini... Read more
D’Arrigo Bros. adds Taylor Farms’ organic  and conventional salads to its line
D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York Inc., located at the Hunts Point Produce Market, has added Taylor Farms salads along with conventional Taylor Farms salads to its extensive line of fresh fruits and vegetables. Marketing and Communications Director Gabriela D’Arrigo said, “We are engaging in promotional programs with some of our retail partners to promote the Taylor Farms Salad line.” In early 2014, D’Arrigo Bros. began a tropical fruit and vegetable program. The... Read more