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Big storm headed to cherry country; Coachella Valley could start early

Sacramento, CA, is a big growing area for California cherries. Right now, this region should be in bloom or already have fruit on the trees. Today and tomorrow Sacramento is expecting some light rain, but Thursday through Saturday the region is expecting a storm with up to 1.5 inches of rain. The bulk of the rain is expected to hit Friday (up to one inch) and 0.25 inches of rain on both Thursday and Saturday. After this weekend there is another potential storm for Tuesday, April 9.weat

Citrus regions of Fresno and Visalia are expecting some light rain today (0.14 inches) and then will see more rain on Thursday and Friday (0.5 inches). Salinas has a slight chance of rain today but may see up to 0.75 inches Thursday to Saturday. Oxnard most like will not see any rain.

The desert region is transitioning from their winter crops of lettuce and strawberries to their spring crops of Bells, beans, corn and eggplant. Bells traditionally start late April while the other three start mid-April, but with the warm weather this area is having look for production to start early and volumes to come on fast. This week daily max temps will range from a high of 89 today to a low of 83 on Thursday, but next week things will really heat up. A mini heat wave will start Sunday with a high of 95 and will max out Monday and Tuesday at a high of 98. Today the Coachella Valley is expecting some winds of 24 miles per hour throughout the day.

Florida appears to be entering a period of daily moisture activities but with very minimal amounts. Daily totals are between 0.06 and 0.12 inches in the southern half of the state. In the northern half they can expect a little bit more in total rain with daily numbers getting as high as 0.25 inches.

The highest rain totals are expected to come next Monday, April 8 as the entire state can expect to receive above 0.5 inches. Temps for the state will remain the mid-80s for a high and mid-60s for a low.

Every year this region seems to start earlier and earlier and this season is no different. They have kicked off their season with light supplies of peppers and cukes.

The max temp today in the area will only be 48, but inside the greenhouse the conditions are perfect. What can affect their growing conditions are cloudy skies, and it appears they can expect some rain this Thursday and more rain Sunday through Tuesday of next week. The weekend rain will be accompanied by warmer temps as the high on Sunday may touch 60 with a low of 46.

The current principal veg-growing regions of Culiacan and Ciudad Obregon will continue to see max temps in the low to mid-90s and minimum temps in the mid- to upper 50s. Quality and volumes should remain strong.

Torreon in the east will see max temps in the mid- to upper 80s this week and will rise to the mid-90s next week.

Michoacán is experiencing unseasonably warm weather right now. The areas of Apatzingan and La Huacana should have max temps in the 80s this time of year but currently are experiencing temps in the upper 90s and will get to 100 by Monday.

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)