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Plenty of water for California crops

Snow totals are above average in most of the west. The highest snow to water totals are in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, which is great news for farmers of the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys.weat

The mountain ranges in Colorado and Utah, which supply water to the desert growing regions of southern California and Arizona, are also above average so far this year.

This year’s storms in the west are a dramatic change compared to last year, which was extremely dry. This year's numbers are about 200 percent higher than last year's totals. This will be good for all the reservoirs in western states.

Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas is only at 40 percent of capacity and in very dire straits -- normal capacity is about 75 percent. Before this winter there was fear of levels dropping too low to pull water from the reservoir. Hopefully this year they can recoup some water.

The Cascade mountains of Washington and Oregon are below average so far this year, but with the overall totals they get throughout the year being down a small percentage should not affect them.

As of right now it appears there will be plenty of water this summer for all crops coming out of California.

California Wine country to flood in the next few days
Wine grape-growing regions of California will see heavy flooding over the next few days. They are expecting up to nine inches in some areas. This same storm will dump water into the Sacramento Valley region of California as well.

Coastal California
The growing regions of Oxnard, Santa Maria and Salinas will see a chance of rain this week. There is small chance of rain for Wednesday and then a larger chance for Saturday. Oxnard could see up to 0.5 inches of rain on Saturday. Santa Maria may see about 0.15 inches on Wednesday and then another 0.5 inches on Saturday. Salinas is expecting a light shower for Wednesday and then more rain on Saturday.

Rain is coming to Florida today and tomorrow. Belle Glade, Immokalee and Plant City are all expecting over an inch over the next two days. Temperatures are expected to be stable over the next 10 days with max temps in the mid-80s and minimum temps in the mid-60s. After tomorrow there is no more rain in the 10-day forecast.

Culiacan is beginning to heat up once again. Last night's low temp was 52, the first time it has been in the 50s in over a week. Today's max temp will be 92 with a minimum temp of 53. The remainder of the week will see highs in the 90s and lows in mid-50s. Volumes should increase a bit on all items coming out of this region.

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora is expecting a chance of rain at the beginning of next week. Right now, the forecast is for light showers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a growing region that is getting ready for their spring season.

El Bajio region of central Mexico is experiencing perfect growing conditions right now. Max temps are in the mid-80s and minimum temps are hovering around the 50-degree mark with no rain in the 10-day forecast. Expect good quality on wet veg coming from this region right now.

Berry regions of central Mexico are also experiencing perfect conditions. The main areas in the state of Michoacán and Guanajuato currently have high temps in the mid-80s and lows in the low 50s down to the high 40s depending on the exact location.

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)