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White Diamond Farms, a sister company of Tomato Thyme Corp., based in Wimauma, FL, has launched a new line of salsas that utilizes the Tasti-Lee tomato variety.

Beginning the week of Dec. 17, customers were be able to purchase the line in Publix stores. The new Tasti-Lee salsas are available in three flavors of the fresh thick and chunky style: Mild Mannered, Happy Medium and Hot Tempered.

White Diamond Farms' processing facility started a major renovation in August, which was completed earlier this month, in order to keep up with consumers' demand following the launch of its "White Diamond" salsas in October 2011.

The new facility is equipped with an air-purification system as well as an industrial chiller to maintain the cold chain. This cold environment not only increases the shelf life of the salsa but also assures freshness, providing outstanding food-safety measures.

The increased demand for Tasti-Lee tomatoes by both consumers and retailers prompted the creation of a Tasti-Lee salsa. Tasti-Lee tomatoes have a high level of lycopene, a food compound that gives the tomato its color.

"The creation of the salsa came about because we wanted to provide customers an all-natural, great-tasting and flavorful salsa with a shorter shelf life," Javier Torres, co-owner of White Diamond, said in a press release.

"Not only is it healthy and good for you, but it is all-natural and contain no preservatives" adds co-owner, Liz Torres.

Mr. Torres added that this is an advantage, as many competitors have products with longer shelf life due to added preservatives, which affects the flavor and taste.

The salsas are sold in a 16-ounce plastic container in the refrigerated produce section.