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Fresh Solutions Network takes fresh approach to potato and onion sales
Potatoes and onions are seen as classic commodity crops by many growers, who place too much emphasis on growing and harvesting their products as inexpensively as possible so that they can sell at lower prices. While that approach may work for some, Fresh Solutions Network sees the equation differently. FSN feels that only focusing on squeezing down costs can actually cost retailers more, by short-changing them on quality,... Read more

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If you build it, they will come. That seems to be the theme behind the National Mango Board’s Mango Mania Display Contests, and from a the perspective of a couple of San Diego retailers, it works. Working with Coast Tropical in San Diego, CA, a Foodland location and a Save A Lot Mercado outlet registered huge sales gains during week-long mango extravaganza events... Read more

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Wada Farms introduces two new potato products
Wada Farms Potatoes Inc. in Pingree, ID, whose potatoes are marketed by Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, has for several years been putting a lot of emphasis on developing innovative potato products, with regard both to potato varieties and value-added packaging. Among the value-added products are the “Easy-Baker” with individual potatoes sealed... Read more


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Albert Ramirez joins New Limeco as director of sales
Albert Ramirez has been named New Limeco's director of sales. He joins the company with more 25 years of produce experience already under his belt. "He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our New Limeco team and we are excited to have him here," the company said in a press release.Albert... Read more


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Whole Foods Market and Instacart partner to offer one-hour delivery across 15 major U.S. cities
Whole Foods Market and one-hour grocery delivery service Instacart announced a new partnership that enables customers to have Whole Foods products delivered in as little as one hour. Customers will soon also have the option to place orders via Instacart and pick up their order at a local participating... Read more