It truly is all about the consumer.  At least that was the theme three speakers articulated during an educational session at the PMA Foodservice Conference held in Monterey, CA, this past weekend (July 24-26). “It’s All About the Base: Meet Today’s Consumers” was the direction three experts took the crowd as they tried to explain various segments of the consumer population.   Brent Walker, executive vice president... Read more

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Jon Zaninovich, vice president of Jasmine Vineyards, in  Delano, CA, and son of one of the founders of the firm, was in a reflective mood in mid-July when talking to The Produce News about this year’s California grape deal. He said it appears to be shaping up to be a good deal as the vines are healthy, the berries are showing good growth and California... Read more

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Humble beginnings help shape Jakov Dulcich & Sons
It was on a Saturday morning in July that The Produce News found Nick Dulcich sitting in the McFarland, CA, office of Jakov Dulcich And Sons in the Delano grape growing district.   “That’s interesting that we are talking today,” Nick said over the phone.  “I’m sitting here with my Dad who came to the United States 55 years ago today.” Nick Dulcich... Read more


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Braga Fresh adds Joe Pulido to farming and harvesting operations
Braga Fresh Family Farms has hired Joe Pulido as farming and harvesting manager.  The most recent addition to its expanding team of produce veterans, Pulido will be overseeing planting, farming and harvesting of more than 30 premium-quality organic vegetables growing on geographically diverse ranches... Read more