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Giumarra adds organic Vidalias to lineup
In accordance with the Apr. 20 start date announced by the Vidalia Onion Committee, Giumarra will begin shipping both organic and conventional Vidalia onions the third week of April. Giumarra Southeast is pleased to offer promotable volumes of Nature’s Partner-brand Vidalia onions in bulk and bagged pack styles. “This year, we will have increased volume available throughout the season,” said Stu Monaghan, division manager... Read more

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Two new advancements in packaging technology are available from Temkin International Inc., providing packers and end users with extended shelf life for product and with microwaveable convenience. Patent-pending Hydro-sure, a new flexible film that has been designed specifically to control moisture and prevent fogging, is available in rollstock, rear weld and... Read more

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BC Tree Fruits will feature  line of premium craft ciders
BC Tree Fruits in Kelowna, British Columbia, will feature the cooperative’s hand crafted premium hard ciders, marketed under the broken Ladder brand, at its booth at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association Conference & Trade Show in Vancouver, British Columbia, April 24-26, according to Chris Pollock, marketing manager. Show visitors will have the opportunity... Read more


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Brad Lukesh and Thorsten Rhode join Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms
Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms, headquartered just east of the downtown Los Angeles arts district, continue to add talent to its roster. “As 2018 got under way, we saw an opportunity to improve our logistics," said General Manager Josh Leichter. "At the same time, we also wanted to put renewed... Read more