Coosemans LA shipping, branding new herb boxes

Coosemans LA Shipping, based in Vernon, CA, will be heading to Monterey, CA, to attend the annual PMA Foodservice Conference, walking the show, attending events and doing plenty of networking.

Cole Firman, a salesperson at the company, is looking forward to everything about the show — from the opening ceremony to the closing of the show floor, and everything in between.

Epicurean-Gardens Monica Lira, Cole Firman and Marisol Gonzalez.“Monterrey is a smaller, but a more intimate PMA, which allows us to spend more quality time with our growers and customers,” he said. “It’s a great annual show to network and we hope to learn how our industry is evolving, bring inspiring ideas back to the office and discover new opportunities.”

For more than 35 years, the company has specialized in the sourcing and distribution of unique fruits and vegetables to foodservice distributors, retail chains and creative chefs throughout the United States and Canada. Its experience has helped it be a leader in the industry and those going to the PMA Foodservice Conference will look to get this point across.

One of the things that Firman is looking forward to at the show is the 5K race.

“Getting involved with the produce community by exercising in a fun, creative way makes lasting memories, and even some friendly rivals,” he said. “And, it’s a worthy cause.”

Around the company, Coosemans LA Shipping is excited about branding its new herb boxes.

“We invested a considerable amount of time into the creative design, and fine tuning the right colors to make it pop,” Firman said. “Packaging has become important in telling where products come from. We hope to build trust with our customers by instilling confidence in quality when purchasing from our herb line.”

A recent trend that the company is following closely is the idea of flavor trumping price.

“For example, with grapes, customers are paying attention to specialty flavors,” Firman said. “Customers jump on grape varieties such as Sweet Sapphires, Candy Hearts or Cotton Candy when they come into season. It’s important to discuss price with your customer, but the flavor as well.”

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