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Spring is still apple season for New York Apple Sales

New York Apple Sales continues with its KORU apple promotion program, along with the promotion of its extensive line of other club and legacy apple varieties. It partners with growers throughout the state to ensure that the Glenmont, NY-based company is fully stocked with every popular New York apple variety.

Vice President of Marketing Jim Allen said that in addition to the KORU, the company continues to showcase other club varieties, including Snap Dragon, Ruby Frost and EverCrisp.

NYASKORU“Our New York grown legacy variety apples, also grown in New York State, include popular flavors such as Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire, Fuji, Pink Lady and the traditional favorite, McIntosh,” said Allen.

Although the next apple harvest isn’t until fall, Allen said that for NYAS, spring is still apple season as it moves through its inventories.

“However, spring also includes the NYAS apple import program from the Southern Hemisphere,” said Allen. “New Zealand KORU and Honeycrisp apples will enter the marketplace to nicely complement our domestic programs to offer retailers a consistent high-quality supply throughout the summer months. This fresh supply of fruit offers retailers the advantage of continuing strong apple sales in the summer.”

Over the past several years NYAS has expanded its grower and facility partner lineup in New York State. All of its partners continue to make cutting-edge advances in their growing methods and to their packing operations.

“We have expanded in recent years to become one of the most diversified grower-marketers in New York State,” said Allen. “Combined with our strong import programs, we needed more professionals to help us keep pace with our exponential growth.”

NYAS is 100 percent committed to providing its customers with the safest apples in the marketplace and Allen said that the company’s safety programs start in the orchards and follow the apple movement all the way to consumers’ fruit bowls.

“Our growers go through a number of onsite audits, that address not only safety, but also targets sustainability, environmental, social, labor and humanitarian issues and practices,” said Allen. “The audits continue through the season at the packing and storage facilities that monitor and test to ensure that all proper safety procedures are being followed monitored and documented. This includes, water, personnel, all packaging materials, transportation and air qualities in the packing and storage buildings. In the very unlikely event that a problem should occur, we are able to offer full traceability from tree-to-table if needed.”

NYAS also continues to be a world market leader. The company supplies fresh produce to the largest metro market in the U.S.

“New York State recently offered millions of dollars in incentives to Amazon to locate to Long Island City,” said Allen. “Now that Amazon has declined the offer, perhaps Albany could consider providing much needed funds to rebuild the New York City infrastructure and Hunts Point Terminal Market. New York State should provide equal incentives and tax break packages in order to first; keep the Hunts Point Market in New York, and second; to free up capital to re-invest in the market.”