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In the Trenches: Is what consumers  see what they get?
There are two key elements that connect a customer with fruits and vegetables in the produce department — the eyes and the stomach. Through experimentation, a psychologist once revealed that 83 percent of information is captured from sight. Whatever the eyes observe is fixed in the memory of a person’s brain. So, if a customer sees an eye-catching produce department it may attract them to it by sight alone. Just before entering... Read more

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Myrick Produce gets into bagged green beans
Nestled in the Pompano Beach, FL-based venue that shares its name, Edward L. Myrick Produce, doing business on the Edward L. Myrick State Farmers Market, is enjoying a somewhat solid 2018 so far, with business being consistent to what it’s been in the past at this time of year. “Things have been up and down this year so far; business has been good, but not great,... Read more

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Southern Specialties’ spring line of high-quality produce now in strong demand
Southern Specialties’ Pompano Beach headquarters is a hub for imported specialty fruits and vegetables from the Americas. Charlie Eagle, vice president of business development, told The Produce News that the company is perfectly aligned to offer some of the most highly sought-after produce. “Southern Specialties has 28 years of expertise growing product in... Read more


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Recognition: PACA claims filing champion retires after 40 years at WGA
Tom Oliveri believes he has filed more claims concerning the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act of the U.S. Department of Agriculture than anyone else in history. “Shippers love me; receivers hate me,” he joked, as he guessed that he has filed thousands of claims during his 40 years with Western... Read more