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FDA now views avocados as ‘healthy’
The Food & Drug Administration has revised its stance to allow foods that may contain elevated levels of fat to be considered “healthy” if that fat is mostly mono or polyunsaturated fat. The development is welcome news to the avocado industry, which is in a unique situation of providing a fruit that is widely considered healthy but is known to contain high levels of fat, albeit the “good” kind... Read more

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Cauliflower addition added to Val Verde’s lineup
With a $40 market in play at times during the winter and early spring this past year, this was an excellent year for Val Verde Vegetable Co. Inc., in McAllen, TX, to add cauliflower to its product mix. “We added cauliflower this year and hit a homerun with it,” said Kurt Schuster, chief financial officer of the firm as well as a son of founder Frank... Read more

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Holmes surveys 40 years in industry
The well-worn mantra in the fresh produce industry is that no two days are ever the same. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but the past two years in the onion business proves that wild fluctuations are commonplace. “This last season was my 40th year in the onion industry, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Don Ed Holmes, owner... Read more


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International Blueberry Organization announces new president
During the International Blueberry Organization Summit in Argentina and Uruguay the group announced Peter McPherson would take the reigns as the new president, succeeding Chilean Blueberry Committee president Andres Armstrong in the role. McPherson, who is general manager–berry international at... Read more