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The Greencoats are coming, and it could be revolutionary
Finding the right packaging to ensure produce arrives undamaged while also being cost-friendly is challenge, to be sure. Add in the desired factor of recyclability, and things can get really tough. Rewind a few years ago, at a time when most produce was still being packed in non-recyclable packaging, retailers were beginning to ask if Northampton Growers could deliver its produce in a more sustainable option. At the time,... Read more

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Fresh Solutions hyping  Side Delights ad campaign
Fresh Solutions Network, LLC, based in San Francisco, CA, will be exhibiting at the NEPC Expo in Booth No. 512 with two partners —Sterman Masser Potato Farms (which grows, ships and sells potatoes out of Sacramento, PA), and Green Thumb Farms (which grows, ships and sells potatoes out of Fryeburg, ME).  Both Masser Potato Farms and Green... Read more

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Phillips Mushroom Farms  continues on strong organic roll
The majority of retailers — large chains and small independents — have learned the benefits of proudly displaying and separating conventional from organic produce in their produce departments. Consumers continue to scour media sources to learn about the benefits of buying organic, and they want to know how their produce is grown, packaged and handled throughout... Read more


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Okanagan adds to management team as co-founder retires
Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., the developer of nonbrowning Arctic apple varieties, has made several significant hires that will be key to the company’s continued growth.  JF Gamelin joined OSF’s senior management team as director of sales and is responsible for leading sales operations for Arctic... Read more